Alba Racing RZR XP Turbo Belt Blower Cooler Kit

Alba Racing

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Alba Racing RZR XP Turbo Belt Blower Cooler Kit


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Alba Racing Polaris RZR XP Turbo belt blower kit. This kit will help keep your belt temps under control. Heat is the killer of belts and this is the biggest change you can make to keep temps down.

The most common problem we always see with a UTV is belt life. Everyone wants there belt to last longer. Why do belts die? That is easy from heat. The hotter the belt gets the weaker it gets. The heat is coming from the aluminum clutches the belt rides on. They are like an oven under the clutch cover. With this fan kit you have a constant flow of air cooling the clutches and belts. Every time you let off the throttle in your RZR air stops moving through the clutch and heat builds. This kit installs an extra air inlet so the existing one is not restricted and the blower can cool your belt at all times. This can make a big difference.


  • Lower belt temps for longer belt life.
  • Marine blower can get wet and still work.


  • CNC Billet aluminum hose adapter for clutch cover.
  • 2 piece custom silicone hoses.
  • 12v marine blower motor.
  • Stainless hose clamps.
  • Hardware kit.
  • Through bed outlet connector.

Optional Belt Temp Controller Gauge: (Black Face Plate, Blue LED matches the OEM dash)

  • Belt temp gauge with adjustable fan control. (You tell the fan what temp to turn on)
  • Gauge has led to let you know the fan is running.
  • Includes complete harness and relay pre wired