Alba Textron Wildcat XX Clutch Kit

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Alba Textron Wildcat XX Clutch Kit


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The clutch in your Wildcat XX controls how your XX delivers its horsepower. With a CVT clutch the goal is to have your engine get to the operating rpm your engine makes max horsepower at as quickly as possible and stay at that rpm as long as possible. If your just a few hundred rpm off your not getting all the available horsepower. With this clutch kit we make it hit much harder giving you much more acceleration out of corners and from a stop. Also you will be able to dial in your operating rpm for max available horsepower. Our weights are 3 position adjustable giving you individual control of low mid and top end performance. Also being adjustable if you change tire size elevation or do future modifications you will be able to use these weights and not have to buy new ones and start over. Other companies offer fixed weights giving youi no control. Your stuck with what you got.


  • Quicker acceleration.
  • More available horsepower.
  • More belt pinch for longer lasting belt.
  • Quicker back shifting.


  • Primary spring. (Increases belt pinch and engagement rpm.)
  • Secondary spring. (Increase belt pinch)
  • Helix. (Quicker back shift)
  • Adjustable clutch weights. (Set operating rpm for max power)
  • 3X Delrin spacers. (Keeps these parts safe)