EVO Polaris RZR & General & Ranger Badass "Sand Storm" Belt

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EVO Polaris RZR & General & Ranger Badass "Sand Storm" Belt


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EVO Polaris RZR & General & Ranger Badass "Sand Storm" Belt

This item: EVO Polaris RZR & General & Ranger Badass "Sand Storm" Belt


Are you looking for a superior and in many cases a less expensive alternative to costly OEM CVT belts? EVP has worked directly with GBoost Technology, the authority in advanced CVT belt design and manufacturing on a wide variety of CVT belts for Polaris applications. We have extensively tested and validated each belt in the most grueling race environments to ensure the strength and durability of each application. Each different compound was subjected to an extensive durability regiment through our sponsored desert racer program and on our own big horsepower vehicles. The “BAD ASS” line of drive belts have proven themselves in extreme conditions which allows customers and racers peace of mind while pushing their vehicles to the limits without the fear of premature belt failure. Along with increased strength and durability, the three different BAD ASS belt compounds provide better grip which transfers more power to the ground. These belts are BAD ASS!

BAD ASS “Sand Storm” Belt (SS):

  • This belt is built for Polaris RZR & General & Ranger riding in the extreme heat, dirt and dust of the dunes/desert. This is a great all-around belt that acts like the OEM belt in terms of engagement and operating RPM’s.


  • Next Generation high-twist Aramid Fiber cord for HIGH HORSEPOWER TENSILE LOAD requirements.
  • Bottom cog is impregnated with short Aramid Fibers for better belt-to-sheave adhesion and reduced overall belt temperature.
  • Latest bottom cog design for greater rotational efficiency at full shift.
  • Encapsulated Aramid Fibers in cord to increase rotational strength and lower overall cord friction.
  • Precision ground sidewall angle (SCUFFING) for smooth engagement, increased power transfer and lower operating belt temperature.
  • Aramid Fiber cord versus polyester, wraps over bottom cogs for increased bottom cog strength.
  • Increased cord pop-out resistance.
  • Increased top cog pressure load design that increases sidewall rigidity, prevents top cog bowing, but still allows for increased rotational flexibility.


  • (Check fitment sheet photo)
  • Polaris RZR XP 1000 Models.
  • Polaris RZR 1000 models.
  • Polaris RZR 900 models.
  • Polaris General models.
  • Some Polaris Ranger 800-1000 models.


  • Replaces OEM PN’s 3211172 / 3211148 / 3211180 / 3211142 / 3211196