HCR Polaris RZR XP 1000 Mid-Travel Suspension Kit

HCR Racing

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HCR Polaris RZR XP 1000 Mid-Travel Suspension Kit


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The ALL NEW Mid-Travel Suspension kit that enhances HCR's product line for the popular Polaris RZR XP 1000 Lineup of our OEM Replacement kits and their Long-Travel Suspension Systems equipped with King Off-road Racing Shocks. The MTS kit will be one that competes with other companies in the industry that provides a wider stance for stability, enhance ground clearance and compatible to use with Factory Shocks!


    HCR Racing has manufactured this kit as an all-purpose recreational kit and not intended for race applications or large jumps. They have engineered this MTS Kit to give consumers more options to fit there needs, and to fill the applications where consumers have already spent their time and money in tuning their factory length shocks and maintain a 70” width car for tighter trails systems.The Mid-Travel Suspension Kit has been re-envisioned to our new design platform and styling that offers sleek approach angles, a rigid look and added clearance. These added clearances can be noticed in the Front A-arms adding 1.25” under the Lower A-arm arch area and 2.5” of ground clearance added in the Rear Trailing Arm. As well, the Mid-Travel Suspension kit offers consumers the benefit of a little extra travel and stability with the +3” per side track width and the 2” increased wheelbase from the factory numbers.
    Embedded into each design is OEM caster / camber angles to eliminate the need for adjustable heim ends which provides a stronger mount for the arms pivot points. Also provided in this kit is the Shock Tower which reduces the amount of compound leverage inputted upon the front shocks and providing a better motion ratio to have less shock fatigue. This allows for less intensive shock setup to be applied to the factory shocks in order to properly setup the car for your needs.


    This kit was purpose built to utilize the factory shocks, but will need to be tuned according to the customer needs and wants to obtain ride quality.  With our inclusion of our shock tower and improving motion ratios for the stock shocks the car with ride different than a stock car and we encourage have a shock tune be done in order to retain and/or improve from the stock quality. We will be working with and getting details of our cars specs to help offer customers a direction to go.



  • Usable Travel: 18"


  • +3 inches wider per side; additional 6 inches of track width


  • +2 inches of added wheelbase; 1 front / 1 rear


  • Fiber laser cut construction for precise fit and finish


  • CNC'd 4130 Heat treat billet mounting points for increased integrity


  • Angled catacomb design for optimal impact force distribution


  • RCV +3 inch extended axle bars; Heat treated and through hardened


  • High clearance boxed arm design, provide an additional 1.25" in the front and 2.5" in the rear.


  • Hand TIG welded for strength and aesthetics


  • 100% Bolt-on installation using factory mount points


  • Utilizes Factory Shocks



The new RZR XP 1000 MTS kit, along with HCR’s complete line of suspension systems, is manufactured using HCR Elite Alloy Material. This proprietary material boasts 30% stronger tensile and yield strength compared to 4130 series chromoly commonly used in the industry. The unique alloy material undergoes several processing factors and is then thoroughly hardened to provide greater overall strength and better wear resistance. Than an intensive process is used during each design to simulate and refine the geometry to match the characteristics of the stock suspension while increasing suspension travel. Critical measurements are then verified, such as ball joint angle, CV joint angle and clearance to surrounding parts to ensure no binding or interference through the cycle of the part it is associated with. A Slot and Tab catacomb design is used in the final design process to increase internal structural support and gusseting that increases the overall strength exponentially. This internal gusseting ensures that all areas have the proper reinforcement to them and support in the areas that are commonly found as weak or bending points.

    Then our quality, fit and finish, ease of installation and top shelf performance of these kits is what sets HCR Racing apart from the competition. No kits are released to the public without numerous hours of vigorous testing in all-purpose recreational applications from rocks, sand and open desert.