Hypertech UTV Recovery Kit

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Hypertech UTV Recovery Kit (3001011)

Hypertech’s Sport UTV Recovery Kit is packaged with the right components for all scenarios, and nothing you don’t need. Hypertech also sized each component to match the requirements for these Sport UTV machines because storage space is such a premium. Hypertech’s Recovery Kit components use the latest, and expensive, synthetic ropes to reduce the storage space required to carry them.


Tow Rope (1)
  • Hypertech’s 20’ synthetic Tow Rope is a space saving 7/16” thick and has a tensile strength of almost 20,000lbs. The rope is made of the latest synthetic material which makes it stronger than steel cable of the same diameter. It’s UV resistant, floats in water, and is designed to last.
Soft Shackle (2)
  • Hypertech’s Soft Shackle is designed for minimal space at 1/4” thick, and is made of the same synthetic fibers as our Tow Rope, resulting in a breaking strengthof over 14,000lbs.
Recovery Gloves (1 Pair)
  • Hypertech includes a pair of leather gloves to protect your hands from cable burs, pinching, and abrasions.
Storage Bag (1)
  • The Hypertech Powersports Recovery Kit is packaged in its own storage bag which can be easily strapped to your UTV.
Tree Saver (1)
  • Hypertech’s 10’x3” Tree Saver is rated for 22,000lbs and can also be used as a tow rope if needed.
Bow Shackle (1)
  • Hypertech’s metal Bow Shackle is rated for 9,500lbs and is included for use with our Tree Saver.
Snatch Block (1)
  • Hypertech’s Snatch Block is specifically sized to reduce space and is still rated for 8,800lbs of pulling force. Perfect for doubling winch capacity, or changing the direction of your pull.
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