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MB Quart Polaris RZR Audio System (Stage 5) (Gen 2) (Ride Command)

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  • MB Quart Polaris RZR Audio System (Stage 5) (Gen 2) (Ride Command) MB Quart UTVS0022810 UTV Source
  • MB Quart Polaris RZR Audio System Stage 5 Gen 2 Ride Command MBQR-STG5-RC-1
  • MB Quart Polaris RZR Audio System Stage 5 Gen 2 Ride Command MBQR-STG5-RC-1
  • MB Quart Polaris RZR Audio System Stage 5 Gen 2 Ride Command MBQR-STG5-RC-1
  • MB Quart Polaris RZR Audio System Stage 5 Gen 2 Ride Command MBQR-STG5-RC-1
  • MB Quart Polaris RZR Audio System Stage 5 Gen 2 Ride Command MBQR-STG5-RC-1
  • MB Quart Polaris RZR Audio System Stage 5 Gen 2 Ride Command MBQR-STG5-RC-1
  • MB Quart Polaris RZR Audio System Stage 5 Gen 2 Ride Command MBQR-STG5-RC-1
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MB Quart Polaris RZR Audio System (Stage 5) (Gen 2 ) (Ride Command) (MBQR-STG5-RC-1)

Polaris 2014-2020 RZR Tuned Audio Package: Five Speaker 800 Watt STAGE 5 Audio System designed to integrate into the vehicle's RIDE COMMAND source unit to control the system which includes two power amplifiers powering 4 compression horn speakers, 10 inch subwoofer in a ported enclosure. All necessary mounting panels and harnessing are included.

The Ride Command® designated RZR Stage Kits are only for applications where the Polaris RIDE COMMAND will be utilized as the source unit. RIDE COMMAND is an incredible piece of technology, but it was designed with very low voltage output to drive audio amplifiers (this can create noise and interference with audio products).

Luckily, MB Quart engineers have 5 years of high-level engineering access to the electrical teams at Polaris to help them navigate the path to unequalled sound quality with low noise and a high resistance to injected noise.

These RC Tuned Audio Stage Systems include a specifically designed amplifier and all the wiring/adapters that make adding MB Quart audio into a RIDE COMMAND RZR straightforward, easy and sound amazing.

**Ride Command Unit NOT Included

MB Quart has engineered a select group of UTV-tuned audio systems that are perfectly designed for the Polaris® RZR®. It is essential that every component installed onto a RZR be torture tested to be as reliable as it can be in the harsh off-road environment. MB Quart RZR® Tuned Packages are designed to fit the Polaris® RZR® 2013 and newer, except the 2018 TURBO S.

Polaris® has partnered with MB Quart to engineer incredible audio products that will integrate seamlessly into your Polaris® machine. Make sure to check out the ALL-IN-ONE solutions that allow a quick installation with all the components (source unit, amplifier and speakers) in one unit or a BUILD YOUR OWN solution where you can customize and add components all at once or over time to create the ultimate musical experience.

Once the bullet proof nature of the system has been designed in and the components per "stage" or package are decided the system is tuned for music. Really great sounding OFF-ROAD TUNED AUDIO for the environment that has insane on-road and on-trail noise.

You have made the easy decision to choose RZR® TUNED AUDIO. The really hard choice is how much you are ready for; a little bit or all of it.


  • COMPATIBLE VEHICLE FITMENTPolaris RZR 2014-Current w/Ride Command
  • SOURCE UNIT FEATURESIntegration with RIDE COMMAND, a high-tech source unit with an off-road display that acts as the hub and integrates your phone, GPS, audio, and communication systems. The actual RIDE COMMAND source unit is NOT INCLUDED.
  • SPEAKER FEATURESThe front speakers are meticulously engineered to fit in the RZR kick panels. The entire system utilizes the MB Quart compression horn technology. (See inside here). This design assures that the system will be louder and better sounding than anything else on the trails. The rear (Pod) speakers are the exact speaker as the front, but mounted in a pair of versatile enclosure with the included swivel mounts for perfect alignment to the listener (regardless of the roll cage angle).
  • AMPLIFIER FEATURESThe RZR system is powered by the NA2 series of amplifiers. The stereo amplifier is operating in 2 ohm mode for maximum volume for all 4 speakers (front and rear pods).
  • SUBWOOFER FEATURES400 Watt Specific 10 inch Subwoofer System includes 10 inch, Dual 4 ohm Subwoofer, RZR ported glovebox Subwoofer Enclosure, powered by the 400 Watt High Efficiency Class D amplifier.
  • MOUNT/HARNESSPlug and Play Harness. Waterproof Connectors with pre measured wires. No guesswork and no installation mistakes.
  • TIME AND TOOLSStandard hand tools are required. See the manual for time on each of the different components.




  • 1. Source Unit Integration - Designed to work with Polaris® RIDE COMMAND®. (*RIDE COMMAND® is NOT included)
  • 2. Amplifiers - 400 watt 2 channel amplifier for front Compression Horns and 400 watt mono subwoofer amplifier.
  • 3. Front Compression Horns - A pair of 8 inch compression horns that mount in composite enclosures in the left and right kick panel locations.
  • 4. Rear Compression Horns - A pair of 8 inch compression horn cage mount speakers that mount on the rear roll cage. Included swivel mounts allow speakers to be aimed perfectly to the front seats, regardless of custom cage.
  • 5. Subwoofer - 10 inch Formula subwoofer in custom ported under-dash enclosure with integrated amplifier mounting rack
  • Harness & Hardware - Fully engineered harness to connect all power, ground, audio and speaker signal. Kit includes swivel mount brackets for the rear compression horns.




MB Quart Door Speakers will work, no additional accessory required

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