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Pro Armor Pro Runner UTV Tire (33x9.5-15)

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  • Pro Armor Pro Runner UTV Tire 33x9.5x15 UTVS0054836
  • Pro Armor Pro Runner UTV Tire 33x9.5x15 UTVS0054836
  • Pro Armor Pro Runner UTV Tire 33x9.5x15 UTVS0054836
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The Pro Armor Pro Runner UTV Tire (33x9.5x15) is the perfect companion for off-road adventures. Designed to tackle any terrain, this tire is built to deliver supreme performance and reliability.

Featuring an aggressive tread pattern and 8-ply rated Armor Belt construction, this tire ensures optimal traction and durability. Its lightweight design allows for quicker maneuvering in corners and flats, while its high puncture resistance provides peace of mind on rugged trails.

The lug separation not only enhances grip but also makes it easy to clean out mud and sand, ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted ride. Whether you're navigating through challenging mud pits or maneuvering over soft sand dunes, the Pro Armor Pro Runner UTV Tire is up to the task.

As an industry leader in premium off-road accessories, Pro Armor has been delivering superior products for over a decade. These purpose-built tires have been developed and tested in collaboration with Polaris Engineers to ensure a perfect fit and optimal performance mile after mile.

With a size of 33x9.5x15, this tire is designed to work on both front and rear wheels, offering convenience and versatility. Weighing in at just 38 lbs, it minimizes the impact on your vehicle's performance.

The recommended PSI of 25 ensures a comfortable and stable ride, while the triple-belted sidewalls provide extra protection where it's needed the most.

With a tread depth of 14mm and a load rating of 1,170 lbs, this tire can handle heavy loads without compromising performance or safety.

Upgrade your UTV with the Pro Armor Pro Runner UTV Tire (33x9.5x15) and experience superior traction, durability, and performance on any terrain. Conquer the trails with confidence and embark on unforgettable off-road adventures.
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