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XTravel Polaris RZR Turbo S Long Travel Front End Kit

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XTravel Polaris RZR Turbo S Long Travel Front End Kit (FRONT-PTS)

XTravel™ is transforming suspension and all-around vehicle performance with its proprietary, patent-pending BVS™ [Berardi Virtual Suspension] technology. Following years of research and development, XTravel’s BVS technology results in a transformed suspension that outperforms any other system. XTravel’s BVS technology eliminates the antiquated and nearly 90-year old A-arm completely from its suspension. Instead, XTravel’s BVS technology uses its proprietary, patent-pending XLinkX™. These XLinkX, coupled with XTravel’s Shock-link Pivot System™, create a mechanical bind that becomes stronger the more the system is engaged (aka encountering any obstacle). This mechanical bind eliminates nearly all negative feedback to the steering wheel as well making it much easier to drive for longer periods of time. While driving the tires remain predictable and pointed in the intended direction, with significantly less effort required by the driver compared to any other suspension system. 


  • Zero Negative Feedback to Driver / Steering Wheel
  • Kit is 100% Bolt-on
  • Suspension is infinitely adjustable (camber, caster, etc)
  • Optimized suspension positioning relative to shock shaft travel to reduce body roll
  • Eliminates stress on steering components and tie rods
  • Double pivot removes the weaker single conventional ball joint used on stock suspension
  • No Fabrication Required
  • Significantly Stronger than Stock
  • 100% TIG Welded
  • High-Grade Chromoly Construction
  • Heavy Duty Uni-Balls/Cups
  • Replaces Weak, Single-Pivot, Ball Joint /A-Arm Design
  • Durable Anti-Corrosive Coating
  • Made in USA


  • 2 - Chromoly, Trophy Truck Style, Tig-Welded Spindles (Double-Pivot BVS Spindles)

  • 4 - Gusseted, Upper XLinkX™ with Pressed, High-Grade 7/8" Uniballs
  • 4 - Lower XlinX™ with Pressed, High-Grade 3/4" Uniballs
  • 2 - HDPE Marine Grade Plastic Floating Skid Plates
  • 2 - Billet, 4140 Heat-Treated Chromoly, Lower Shock Link, Pivot System (Trunnions)
  • 2 - Tie Rods
  • 2 - Billet Clevises to Attach to Steering Rack
  • FK Rod Ends and Hardware Provided in Kit


XTravel™ is a technology company that is transforming vehicle suspension with its proprietary, patent pending BVS ™[Berardi Virtual Suspension] technology.

XTravel was founded on the belief that suspension design and, more importantly, suspension and all around vehicle performance could be reimagined and transformed.

XTravel is focused on the continuous development of innovative technology that will provide professional (military, athletes, etc.) and recreational drivers a transformed driving experience.

XTravel is committed to quality and proudly stands behind all of its technology and products

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