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Assault Industries Inner Lock Technology Hell Fire Wheels

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  • Assault Industries Inner Lock Technology Hell Fire Wheels UTVS0069126
  • Assault Industries Inner Lock Technology Hell Fire Wheels UTVS0069126
  • Assault Industries Inner Lock Technology Hell Fire Wheels UTVS0069126
  • Assault Industries Inner Lock Technology Hell Fire Wheels UTVS0069126
  • Assault Industries Inner Lock Technology Hell Fire Wheels UTVS0069126
  • Assault Industries Inner Lock Technology Hell Fire Wheels UTVS0069126
  • Assault Industries Inner Lock Technology Hell Fire Wheels UTVS0069126
  • Assault Industries Inner Lock Technology Hell Fire Wheels UTVS0069126
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Assassinate the dunes with Assault Industries' Hellfire Wheels featuring InnerLock��� Technology. These wheels are designed to dominate rough terrains while ensuring the safety and performance of your tires and wheels.

Invest in these iconic wheels that go beyond traditional beadlock wheels to combat de-beading at low pressure and extreme side loads. With Assault Industries Hellfire Wheels, you can confidently conquer dunes and rocks without compromising your ride.

The patented InnerLock��� Technology sets these wheels apart. It captures the tire bead, keeping it securely in place on the wheel, even during intense off-road adventures. These wheels are not only incredibly lightweight, up to 30% lighter than other beadlock wheels, but they are also exceptionally strong. You won't have to worry about bolt retorquing either. Once installed, these wheels will handle any trail with ease, allowing you to take control.

Assault Industries has reimagined the beadlock wheel game with the introduction of the Hellfire Wheels. They are the only ATV wheels to feature the innovative InnerLock��� Technology, ensuring that you can tear up the sand without fear of losing a tire.

Constructed from aluminum alloy, these wheels are built to withstand the toughest terrains and offer superior strength properties. Choose from the sleek matte titanium or satin black colors to give your rig a unique and stylish look.

The Hellfire Wheels come with numerous features to enhance your off-roading experience. With no external pins or bolts on the outer wheel face, you won't have to worry about damaging them. The tire is securely sandwiched between the interior pins and the wheel well, providing the same bead retention performance as traditional beadlock wheels.

Not only are these wheels quick and easy to install and remove, but they also come with strategically placed hardware for maximum protection from trail damage.

The Assault Industries Hellfire Wheels with InnerLock��� Technology fit a wide range of vehicles, including popular models from Polaris, Can-Am, Kawasaki, and more. Upgrade your ride today and experience the ultimate in off-road performance with Assault Industries Hellfire Wheels.

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