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Bikeman Performance Polaris XPEDITION Clutch Kit (Stage 1)

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Bikeman Performance Polaris XPEDITION Clutch Kit (Stage 1) |


  • This weight has 30 grams of maximum adjustability from 51-81 grams.
  • You can adjust the center of mass (up, down, heel or toe) for your riding preference.
  • Change your RPM engagement by moving mass (up and down) in your SNYPR weight.
  • Quickly adjust over 16g of weight without removing the clutch through the top weight screws.
  • Seen a 4-5 MPH gain in top speed with the new SNYPR weights
  • Faster acceleration then stock
  • More Responsive feel
  • With these new weights we have the abitly to bring down cruising RPM but still give you full RPM at shift out without loosing top end speed.
  • 5,300 rpm's at 40mph with our kit as per setup sheet with the ability to drop lower with added tungsten
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