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10 Year Old Ruslan Jumps Glamis Dunes California Canal In Polaris RZR

Matt Druey Jul 25th 2019

Talk about sending it...

10 year old Ruslan "Greasehandz" Yankilevich is an up and coming off-road racer and amateur stunt devil that has started to make a major appearance in the off-road community, specifically in the UTV scene. He's extremely motivated and will not stop at anything short of making it as an off-road racer. It's truly inspiring to see such a young kid with that much drive.

Not only is Ruslan a talented driver, but Ruslan's parents are both deaf, so he's fluent in sign language and helps communicate for them when they need him. He's always involved in helping the community and shines a bright light and inspires a lot of people.

Polaris RZR Parts Ruslan Runs

This week, Ruslan decided he wanted to be the first person to jump the canal in Glamis Dunes, California in a UTV, which in this case was his Polaris RZR.

For those of you that don't know what that is, it's pretty much the ultimate daredevil test and is well-known throughout southern California. Ruslan put his mind to it and...we'll just let you see the results for yourself...