2019 Honda Talon 1000R UTV Source X Fabwerx Build

Matt Druey Jul 22nd 2020

Project “Honda Talon 1000R” - Multi-Purpose BEAST!

We repurchased the 1000R Honda little ways, and we're not the fugly off this thing basically, but we bought the car for R&D, and we work with a couple of companies to help create develop some bitchin parts for this car, so this is it, this is the 2019 Honda Talon 1000R in Kawasaki green.

Kicking Off The Build…

It has a bumper right off the bat, so this is a Fabwerx bumper; you can find it at

It's pretty cool, there's not a lot you can do with this, but we figured out a way to create a nice bumper that allows access for a winch, and I think that's important on this car because Honda has a culture, a group behind them that is extremely strong compared to can-am. They are in the UTV industry now, and that's a big deal, and they're coming with the racing program and a lot at it, so this car is going cater to a lot of people, not just the sports enthusiast for dunes and dessert. Still, it's also going to cater to the guy with a ranch or just out cruising around on his land, so I think being able to have a winch in this car will be a pretty cool deal, and it looks perfect too.

Spring Kit

Another thing you're going to notice right off the bat is on a factory or stock $1,000. It's super stiff, so shock therapy has created a dual-rate spring kit for this car, and they have valving for this car as well that's available, we don't have the valving, but we did manage to get a set of the dual-rate springs from shock therapy. Hence the ride height came up, and it got softened out, and it should be a nice car. I've driven it once, and I almost rolled it just on the street because it was so stiff, so that's a big deal.

Kanati Terra Master Tires

You're going to notice right off the bat is a set of 33-inch Kanati Terra Master Tires. I've mounted them on the side to A out, which is the soft side, side B is a hard compound.


The Tires are mounted on a brand new set of wheels that's new to the side-by-side industry this is from Icon vehicle dynamics or Icon alloy this is their compression wheel, and it's a real bead lock, it's a great looking wheel I mounted these wheels up, and it went smooth. Another cool thing about this bead lock wheel, unlike some of the others out there is the hardware is actually coated, so you're not going to get that ugly fate going on with the grade eight hardware or the Zink hardware, so this is a durable coating. It looks amazing, so pretty stoked on that the vehicle looks right now.

Fabwerx Cage

When knocking off the fugly on this car custom cage, this cage you can also find it on this is by Fabwerx.

It has got a removable balance, a detachable front windshield, and the doors on this thing are awesome. You can see it's like a Lambo style door you've got your FMX moto grip here, which I thought was pretty cool sticking in the theme of Honda removable window nets.

We've outfitted it with assault harnesses, an assault steering wheel, and a hub adapter.

We've also outfitted it with a rearview mirror, and we had Eric here at hardware performance to wire this car up using a switch Pro system.

KC HiLites

We have a KC HiLites Pro6 LED light bar up top with removable mounts, This is standard on all the Fabwerx cages is the light bar bracket, this is an option on your windshield, and an option with the doors, and the window net also another option is the rear wing.

It has the KC HiLites rear race light system in it, which is a blue and a white light running lights and brake lights.

Coming to the Back

If you move to the back of the car, you've noticed that we've added this big booty on it well it's not really a big booty guy. Hence, being able to work with manufacturers and then it's in the industry it's like super important because they're going to take your input, they're gonna try and see the vision through and luckily for myself that it Fabwerx basically have the same vision we wanted it to look like a little trophy truck in the back and I thought it came out amazing it's removable panels again everything bolts in guys this is not a welded in system everything bolts into the core.

It has a full spare back here, and if you remember the back of the bed, stop actually right here, limiting your bed space.

Well, now what you can do is you're not going to carry a spare you can take a full-size ice chest bag you want to put your dog back here you kill the deer put your deer back here. This is a handy bed, so I'm pretty excited about this setup right here. It looks amazing. I mean, it looks like a little mini trophy truck.

Exhaust System

Sticking to the theme, we've got a Trinity Stage five exhaust system, and it sounds amazing, and this thing sounds amazing.

Radius Rods

We've mounted in the assault industries rear radius rods, nice machined-Two pieces with a black coating on it, and tapered ends.

Double Shear Bracket

You may not see something, and if you might have a problem picking it up, it's down here this rear radius rod double shear bracket that double shears the rear radius rod that's pretty cool.

As this car gets developed and others start to build their cars, you're going to see more kick-ass parts on the market, and once those kick-ass parts come available, they're going to be on the website you can count on it.

We didn't go super Hamma on this car. We tried to keep it tangible and not so outrageous as price points go at the end of the day. This is going to be one of those cars that's an affordable, very safe cage, harnesses, lights, wheels, tires, radius rocks, and bumpers. Hence, you know the Honda Talon I'm not familiar with Honda I'm a sand car guy, and this is Honda's entry into the game. Follow us on Youtube and Instagram to stay updated. We do have an affiliate program that you can benefit from. See you soon.