2021 Can Am Maverick X3 X RS Turbo RR With Smart Shox Review

Matt Druey Jul 23rd 2020

“2021 Can-Am Maverick X3 X RS Turbo RR” with Smart-Shox Review

Jon Crowley was invited from Can-Am a while ago to come on out to Maryland to Pastranaland to experience this place and also the 2021 Can-Am Maverick X3 X RS Turbo RR that has some new technology.

The biggest thing in the new stuff on these 2021 Can-Am Maverick X3 X RS Turbo RR is a smart Shox with three different modes. You can put them in to do Comfort, Sport, Sport+, but it has way more inputs to adjust on the fly to the varying terrain.

Smart Shocks

Smart-Shox technology is the first, fully self-adjustable suspension technology for higher performance, control, and comfort. The biggest thing is it’s got a rebound and compressions for enhanced precision, delivering superior ride and handling, no matter the terrain or conditions.

It measures not only the wheel position on all four corners but also the velocity of how that tire is moving and adjusts accordingly.

The Test Drive

Jon Crowley jumped in the car with Travis and took several hot laps, making it interesting with going through different modes.

They first went in Sport+ and he felt how flat the car maintained then they switched to comfort and he felt it has a little bit more body roll he could see what’s going on and it was amazing that even in comfort mode they were hitting the jumps in no bottom out. Lastly, they put it in sport mode, and he liked the sport mode most, he gets a little bit of body roll not like comfort, but not as stiff as Sport+, and it gave a little bit more feel of what's happening, but the adjustments he said it made on the fly were incredible.