2022 UTV Source Polaris RZR Pro R Ultimate Review & Ride

Polaris RZR PRO R Ride and Review

One of the automobile industry's most highly competitive markets has emerged recently: The UTV / Side-by-Side performance sector. These unique vehicles combine supercar power-to-weight ratios with the off-road prowess of a top-tier desert racer. With the all-new 2022 Polaris RZR Pro R launch, Polaris has elevated the high-performance UTV class to an all new level. To give the new 2022 Polaris RZR Pro R a thorough test, the UTV Source team snuck out to Glamis Sand Dunes to meet up with Kyle Litten, also known as "Freestyle Kyle." This machine didn't miss a beat when we hit the sand, sent some jumps, shredded the dunes, and blasted some whoops all in 115-degree heat.

This UTV Source 2022 Polaris RZR Pro R is a beast with its 4 cyl 225 horsepower, brand-new suspension and chassis, FOX 3.0 coil overs matched with the new DYNAMIX DV system, and booming Rockford Fosgate audio!


The RZR Pro R boasts the most extended front and rear suspension travel of any production UTV. Even better, the suspension of the Pro R has incredibly clean geometry. The Max link has a width of 74 inches, a wheelbase of 104.5 inches, and a usable travel range of 29 inches. The new box Max link suspension for front A-arms is paired with a FOX 3.0 internal bypass X2 Live Valve Coilover. The Live Valve communicates with the Dynamix system for real-time compression and rebounds damping control with in cab control.

The suspension features four settings: Comfort, Track, Rock, and Baja, all of which may be changed using the command touchscreen. Interestingly, these dampers also employ their internal compression adjustment to determine the static ride height in modes like Rock and Baja, which is higher, and Comfort and Track, which is lower. It's a clever technique FOX has developed.

Out Back, A big rear trailing arm is seen on the max link rear suspension from the outside. From there, it continues into the rear radius rods, which are quite beafy from the normal factory standards. Additionally, for enhanced performance and increased adjustability, the new toe link that travels down the trailing arm will restrict the rear toe change to less than 1 degree.


Being the strongest RZR Ever, the PRO-R is ready to take on desert and the pounding these machines are put through. RZR Pro R was made to take it. It's got the strongest cage produced using 2" tubing and stoutest chassis ever found on a Polaris RZR. So it's not just tough, it's ready to take on any rugged terrains you come across. RZR Pro R is purpose-built to be the ultimate desert off road machine.

Tires, Wheels, Brakes

New 32-inch Maxxis Rampage Fury tires will improve handling and comfort. Another modification to be aware of is the change from four to five lugs in a 15-inch cast wheel size platform. The PRO R has a massive braking system for this beast that are concealed under these new five-lug wheels. Another thing we loved was the excellent pedal location in the cab that allowed a smooth 2-footed driving experience, and the brake power is similarly outstanding.


The Pro XP's interior resembles the new RZR PRO R. Compared to a PRO XP; The RZR Pro R features a significantly larger interior over all to go along with the larger size of the vehicle in general. However, larger significant drivers will find plenty of room in it, and the ergonomics and seating position are also quite pleasant. As an added plus, the steering wheel is telescopically adjustable.

The harnesses and seats do a superb job of keeping riders in place. As they include a thigh strap and belt strap, the seatbelts require some getting accustomed to. The shoulder straps have retractors, so you may move around the cockpit more freely when you need additional reach. A pair of 5-point racing belts would give better mobility restrictions for people who intend to drive the Pro R aggressively.

Following that, you have the ride command system, which controls the suspension system and all throttle positions. For the suspension, you have the options of comfort, track, rock, and Baja. Sport, rock, and race modes are available for the throttle positions.

Final Thoughts

This 2022 Polaris RZR PRO R, Kyle claimed, is definitely his favorite Polaris RZR to date. Kyle currently owns a RZR RS1 and XP Turbo but mentioned this took the RZR platform up to a whole new level out in the dunes. Everything they said about it has come true; Freestyle Kyle call the new PRO R a "Beast"

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