Agency Power RZR XP Turbo Exhaust System Dual Tip

Matt Druey Jun 25th 2020

The OEM RZR Exhaust system is pretty bulky and not very attractive. Although it is designed well to work with turbo applications, we are usually looking for a bit more when it comes to exhaust systems.

If you go to the back you will notice that the design does more for the performance than for the looks. But since we needed more in terms of both design and performance we decided to switch to a Agency Power Dual Tip Exhaust System.

I loosened off all the bolts and got the exhaust off by unbolting it on the flange. Since I wanted to show off the exhaust I did not run the plastic back over the core.

Another reason why I took the original exhaust off is that because everything is MIG welded, the actual muffler is going to get rusted or change color if you just let it sit like this.

Agency Power RZR Turbo Dual Tip Exhaust System

One of the major upgrades you can make side by side is the exhaust system and the air intake. We did that and the install went as an exhaust install would normally go. Because the springs always make a nuisance taking them on and off.

As far as the skill level concerned in putting this exhaust system up is, I would give it a 3-4/10. It was pretty simple and you did not need any complicated tools.

I left the cover off as it looked really good at the back. Remember, this exhaust works for 2016 to 2020 RZR XP Turbo and Turbo S Models.

Here, it’s important to remember that this doesn’t work on non-turbo.

The exhaust has a thump tone to it over the stock which is super quiet.

Rear Motor Mount

We also installed a new rear motor mount while the exhaust was off. We’re going to delve deeper into it in another blog post. But just to mention here, we replaced the factory motor mount with the Agency Powered Billet Mount. This one had better bushing with a nice stainless steel exterior.

We did do a good deal with the looks but on the performance side, the results were simply great. I am super happy with the sound it gives and you get a pretty significant bump in horsepower with it.