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Can Am X3 Bullet Proof Front End

Ransom Carroll May 28th 2019

Step One to Bullet Proofing your X3's Front End

While the Can-am Maverick X3 is a beautiful and well manufactured machine, there are still some common points of failure that should be considered before putting hundreds of miles on your UTV.

Can-am's sales objective is about getting UTV's to the dealerships in bulk while balancing features and cost. The front end took a reliability hit in this case and left it up to you as a driver to commit the extra investment that will give you peace of mind.

Rick's Geiser Maverick X3 Build

There really isn't an easier way to executing Step 1 of Bullet Proofing the front end of your X3 UTV. Let's take a look at the 2 must have parts for any Can-am Maverick X3 owner.

These 2 parts will allow you to hit bigger jumps and run into obstacles that will give you extra margin of error as a driver... It's about peace of mind and building your confidence.
Product shown in photos listed below

2 Easy to Install parts that "Bullet Proof" your X3 Front End

1. Shock Tower Mount

All the load and pressure from the shocks and suspension ends up right on that one OEM bolt and we want to eliminate that single shear point of failure. 

The OEM shear point on the X3 is paper thin and people are bending these bolts or folding their cars. This is where the Geiser Performance Shock Tower Mount comes into play.

Another view of the Geiser Performance Shock Tower Mount

Not only is this a beautifully crafted part... TIG welded, boxed, ties right in, but it's 2x as strong as the factory bracing for your shocks. This part provides the "double shear" peace of mind that you need to be confident when driving.

Install is super easy and bolts right onto the factory holes, and there is no future maintenance to worry about.

Why get a Shock Tower Mount?

Real simple. There isn't one from the factory.

You start with your main support on the chassis, the shock is mounted right to this with a bolt (single shear). All the load from your suspension is transferred right to this bolt, so the idea is to add a double shear component, in this case the Geiser Performance Shock Tower Mount.

(Underside Closeup w/ Shocks) Geiser Performance Shock Tower Mount

Every bump, every jump, every hit you take will induce load and upgrading this piece of the X3 front end will prevent you from folding this single shear point and breaking your car.

2. Bulk Head

This is another beautiful piece of equipment made by Geiser Performance... TIG welded, bent and formed to fit right in the factor locations.

This part ties into the upper and lower a-arms and double shears the factory provided flat strap piece which is all but ready to snap with any moderate force to your front end or X3 bumper.

Geiser Performance Chromoly Bulkhead for the Can-am Maverick X3

The Bulk Head bolts right into OEM parts, connecting to the lower a-arm pickup point and the upper a-arm pickup point.

This X3 front end Bullet Proof upgrade allows you to take a harder hit, eliminates the what-ifs and is a huge investment to your car, trips, and you as a driver.

(another angle) Geiser Performance Chromoly Bulkhead for the Can-am Maverick X3

It's really worth all the money in the world if you ever drive aggressively.


These 2 parts will allow you to hit bigger jumps and run into obstacles that would otherwise fold your car and ruin your trip.

Adding these two parts is the first step in bullet proofing the front end of your car. Simple to install parts that save you from a "tow-in" or insurance job on your car.

Rick (UTVSource Partner) and his beautiful head (and beautiful Geiser Build X3)

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