Check Out KC HiLites New Gravity® Titan™ LED Light Bar - The Next Chapter In The Story

KC HiLites is rolling out something big for the off-road crowd—the new Gravity® Titan™ LED lighting. Whether you're eyeing a slick 6-inch model or thinking about beefing up your setup with a massive Gravity Titan 57-inch light bar, these lights are built to light up your night rides and make every off-road adventure brighter.

What’s Cool About the Gravity® Titan™ Series:

  • Dual Power Modes: Switch it up between High-Power Mode for those dark trails or flip on the Amber Dust Light to cut through dust and fog like a boss.
  • Stay Cool: The patented Pass-Through Front Cooling keeps these lights cool under pressure, helping them last longer even when you push them hard.
  • Flex Your Setup: With the Infinity Ring® system, you can tweak your light setup to be as wide or curved as you need. Make it your own!
  • Sharp and Bright: Thanks to the Gravity® Reflective Diode (GRD) Technology, you get a beam that’s both more precise and brighter, so you can see more of what’s ahead.
  • Built Tough: The MoistureBlock® Technology means these lights aren’t just tough—they’re weatherproof. Rain or shine, they keep shining bright.

Some Hard Core Gravity Titan Specs (compared to a 50" Gravity PRO 6)

  • 34.7% larger Illumination Zone than the Gravity Pro6
  • 68.2% brighter peak intensity than the Gravity Pro6
  • 26.8% more beam distance than the Gravity Pro6

Your Options:

The KC Gravity® Titan™ LED lights are available as single units or pair packs, and in various light bar lengths to suit different vehicle types and specific mounting needs. Here are some options to consider:

  • Single and Pair Packs: Ranging from spot beams ideal for focused lighting to wide-40 beams for broader visibility.
  • Gravity Titan LED Light Bar Lengths: Customize your setup with bars ranging from 20 inches to a substantial 57 inches, depending on your lighting needs and vehicle compatibility.

Grab a single light or a pair, and choose from various light bar lengths to match what you’re driving. Whether you need a focused spot beam or a wider beam for better side visibility, the Gravity® Titan™ has you covered.KC 

Mounts and More:

These lights fit just right with vehicle-specific mounts and brackets available separately. No matter your ride, there’s a setup that fits and looks great.

So, if you’re ready to bring some serious light to your night drives or just want to make your off-roader stand out, the Gravity® Titan™ LED lights by KC HiLites are worth a look. They’re built to handle whatever the trail throws at you and keep on shining. Check them out at KC HiLites or get in touch with their team if you’ve got questions about setting up the Gravity® Titan™ LEDs just right for your ride. Let’s light up the night, folks.