Final Touches On UTV Source RZR Turbo S Build

Matt Druey Jul 27th 2020

Final Touches On The RZR

We've been upgrading our 2020 Turbo S UTV Source build, as you all know, and now it's time to wrap up that. We are putting the final touches on the RZR which mainly has to do with the lighting package that we are running. We have got a six-light PRO6 LED Light Bar from KC HiLites, and it’s going to bolt directly onto the Cognito cage because it came with the bolt-on PRO6 brackets. The PRO6 is a distance light so we are going to add a Flex 10” which is another modular light that is just a little under 5000-lumens at an amp draw of about 5.

There are a few reasons why I recommend KC HiLites to people because of the price point, customer service, warranty, and their output is insane. They are very customizable as well.

KC HiLites Flex Series

KC HiLites Flex Series LEDs are compact and customizable off-road LED lights. They provide a complete solution for LED lighting, which connects and stacks to your needs.

This is the KC HiLites 10” Flex array LED light bar system; every LED has individual heat sinks and linkable back and is customizable.

KC HiLites FLEX Bezels

We've got these bezels with gold, but we've got no gold on our build, so we've painted them in silver. I didn't have time to get them coated the way I wanted, so I sprayed them with paint, and you can do the same at home. Now you've to make sure that the gaskets and everything is lined up, then spin this bezel back in with the tool that KC makes. We’re selling the KC products too so you can check them on the website.

The tool grabs into the ring, so you can quickly rotate the ring and make sure the seal is secure. KC sells replacement colors for them so you can get these in gold, black, blue, and red, but we went with a silver, and I put a black on it in the middle.

KC HiLites Shield for FLEX

This shield is another addition to the accessories for that display, which I think is pretty cool. This is going to protect these from being damaged. It's also on the website. You can also order this cover in amber, and that’s going to produce an amber glow. We went with the clear on this car it comes with everything you need in the box, like little screws, they go straight into the face they've made it really uncomplicated straight so that we can customize our car’s look. By going to an amber lens, we can customize the color of the light and also protect the led against damage.

Mounting Up the Flex LED

We’ve got our KC HiLites Flex Series ready, and now it’s time to mount up these lights. We have a Cognito bumper on our car, and it's already drilled. You can see there are oblong drilled holes on it. They've given many options to mount lights up; we’ll see how this stack up. The bolt is a bit big for the hole on the Cognito bumper, so I just got a different bolt that worked. The Flex Series light will also come along with the mounting brackets.

KC Hilites Pro6

These are the KC HiLites Pro 6 which is a favorite of mine. This is like my go-to distance light, so it’s not just for side by side; you can put them on your truck and jeep.

The KC HiLites PRO6 also allows you to radius the light bar to fit your needs. We radius-ed the light bar outward a little bit so that the light would be thrown in a wider pattern and not just all in one spot.

We added the supporting bracket after placing the lights on the radius to bring the tension on. So in order to do this, we need to find a place on the roof panel to bolt that on, the way it pushes out stress to hold the light so we don't crack the frame.

I want to share something with you as not all lights are made the same, so here's the cool KC HiLites pro 6 factor. If you have a light that goes out, you can remove the four bolts on it, take off the bezel, and you can get a new light, or it can be warrantied as just light. So when a regular LED goes out the whole bar is gone, so you can buy a new light, or you can be warranted on this Pro 6 KC HiLites bar when you go out. The other great thing about this is that it can be customized. I told you that on our Flex Series light, which also comes in red, blue, and black, we went from gold to gray. You can take these off and get them coated, too, so that you can customize them.

These come with the light coverings to shield them from rocks, and another advantage is that you get a full-blown harness with everything you need to tie it up. So this is the light that I would suggest to you.

PRP Bags

They are door bags with the PRP knee knocker. Such bags are meant for factory doors, but I made them fit with the doors of Cognito. They come with a backrest, and I just zip-tied them up there. They are not waterproof, including the whole PRP line of products. We have PRP bags also at doors and a universal bag at the back. You can buy these bags on our website.

KC HiLites Cyclone LED Light

It is the diffused cyclone of the KC HiLiTes; this is an accessory light. It comes with a wire harness. You have to finish it by yourself, they sell it in a kit, and you can get the kit as well, but we went with the tube mount clamp system for an individual one. The cages come with nothing, as most of these parts. It wraps around the tube and hangs Down with your light. And it is an easy install.

Cyclones come in a variety of colors, green, pink, blue, amber, and red, and again you can customize them.

KC HiLites Flashlight

I want to show you the KC HiLites flashlight if anything happens at night, and you don't have enough lights or something to support you along the way in the night of actually repairing. This flashlight would really be helpful, It's 500-lumens, 7W LED Flashlight adjustable focus, and it's extremely bright, you can spot or scatter the beam patterns, and it comes with the batteries. It's a very cool item to carry with you.

5150 Bluetooth “187” LED Whip

The "187" Whips are the flagship whip of 5150, and the industry's most advanced. These whips are also operated with Bluetooth. They 're fully programmable via the free app, so you can plan and save your modes. There is a separate 3x3 waterproof control module due to the technology associated with the “187” Whips, which would need to be mounted separately from the whips. This module is fitted with a harness that splits off each strap and holds them in perfect sync.

I also got a few more things we want to play With before we get this in the dirt. That was it for the RZR. Follow us on Youtube and Instagram to stay updated. We do have an affiliate program that you can benefit from. See you soon.