GBC Dirt Commander 2 0 UTV Tires

Stocked and ready for your next off-road adventure, the GBC Powersports Dirt Commander 2.0 UTV tires are now available at Drivers from across the nation have requested larger sizes for the DC2, and GBC has answered the call. Resulting positive feedback and support from the off-road community and our consumers, GBC has introduced all-new sizes for drivers who prefer a bigger tire and a beefier look for their SXS vehicles.

So get ready because all sizes of the GBC Dirt Commander 2.0 are now in stock and ready for the outdoors.

The Dirt Commander 2.0 is available in 7 sizes ranging from 28-inch to 35-inch sizes in 14-inch to 15-inch rim diameters. The DC2 boasts a flatter profile, elongated sidewall lugs, and a generous load capacity. For drivers who prefer to ride big, the DC2 is now available in size 35X10.00R15.

“At GBC, we take pride in creating products people can depend on both now and for years to come,” said Kory Ellis, Director of GBC Tires. “A lot of time was taken to develop the DC2 so it would have a very modern design and robust construction to elevate the performance and appearance for the consumer. Whether you’re driving in the wooded trails of your local riding area or the open deserts of the Southwest, the Dirt Commander 2.0 is definitely a tire for any driver to use on their next adventure.”

The GBC Dirt Commander 2.0 is now available in the following Sizes:








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