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How To Install Assault Industries RZR Stealth Lucent Front Bumper

Matt Druey Sep 14th 2020

How to Install Assault Industries RZR Stealth Lucent Front Bumper

Assault Industries RZR Stealth Lucent Front Bumper

The front bumper from Assault Industries Stealth Lucent Universal is compact, lightweight, and looks fantastic attached to the front end of Polaris RZR XP 1000 or Turbo S! Bumper mounting is simple with just a couple of bolts to be fastened with NO MODIFICATION to the vehicle.

The bumper comes with a special bracket for mounting on Turbo S and non-turbo S models that can be bolted to the upper mount. The XP 1000 has a grill mounting point while the Turbo S doesn't. This approach allows for both vehicles to be used!

The bumper also features a front light-bar pocket with multiple holes and slots built into the light pocket for mounting several different lights for 10 inch light bars. The bumper is black with powder-coated semigloss and finished with a raw aluminum logo plate from Assault Industries. The Stealth Lucent bumper is proudly manufactured in the United States.,

How to install Assault Industries RZR Stealth Lucent Front Bumper

The Polaris RZR Turbo S differs significantly from the XP 1000. RZR Stealth Lucent front bumper can be mounted in 10 minutes with the grill taken off.

Remove grill

Remove grill for easy access to tighten top nuts and bolts.

Remove Plastic Fascia

Remove the plastic fascia with the holding screws attached. It is held on with clips at the top.

Remove Tow Hook

Remove the front tow hook/screws if applicable.

Hook Tow Hook Backplate onto the Frame

Make sure the backplate tow hook stays hooked onto the frame. When it comes one reaches into the frame behind the plastics and hangs it up on the frame's rim. If a helping hand isn't nearby, use tape to keep it in place.

Install Bumper

Keep the bumper up to the body, drop 2 bolts in the radiator cavity in the upper bolt holes, be careful not to touch the radiator fins.

Place the lower bolts where the bolts for the tow hook were removed beforehand. When threaded, the tape holding the backplate in place can be removed.

Take the supplied Ny-lock nuts, reach to the upper bolts behind the plastics for mounting.