KMC Wheels Polaris RZR Pro XP 4 Build Walkaround

KMC Wheels PRO XP 4 Impact Wheel

Since 1982, KMC has been innovating performance on and off the road. KMC UTV wheels are designed for trailblazing, game-changing individuals who question traditional knowledge in racing and use tools to do the unbelievable.

During our visit to the 2022 UTV Takeover event in Coos Bay, Ryan Edward of KMC Wheels gave us the lowdown on their brand-new Pro XP 4 UTV build! Additionally, we took a closer look at the New Impact wheel from KMC and the Sand Slinger Sport from EFX Tires.

EFX Tires Sand Slinger Sport Tires

This build features a set of the brand-new EFX Tires Sand Slinger Sport paddles installed on KMC Impact UTV wheels. This configuration for the dunes is a genuine 33-inch front and back layout. It has a two-ply shorter paddle on the rear with a tiny scoop that keeps you tracking, floating, and picking up speed quickly on the sand. Since the front tire has two directions, we can spin it around and use the scoop to gather additional sand. It will divert the sand away and give us the needed control. If you are looking for an affordable, lightweight setup to enter the dunes and get the grip you are after then this is the combination for you!


KMC's brand-new KS138 IMPACT wheel really makes a statement. Instead of the usual round bead hump, this wheel has an inside bead locking system. The KS138 Impact is available in two sizes, 15"x7" and 15"x10", in both 4/137 and 4/156 bolt patterns. These KMC UTV wheels are built to compete in a variety of off road terrain conditions and hold up to the abuse. The painstakingly made KS138 Impact wheel is truly eye-catching on this Polaris RZR Pro XP 4 build.

ZBroz Stage 1 Dual Rate Spring Package

The suspension features ZBroz Stage 1 Dual Rate Spring Kit, stock FOX Dynamix Shocks, and HCR Radius Rods. The finest upgrade is the ZBROZ Polaris RZR Stage 1 Dual Rate Spring Kit for Fox Dynamix Shocks. The ZBroz RZR Stage 1 Dual Rate Spring Kit for FOX Dynamix Shocks offers performance and control for mountain trails, rock crawling, and desert/dune rallying. However, with the HCR long travel kit, Ryan finds it too soft.

Assault Industries and HCR Suspension Upgrades

The Assault Industries' long travel Tie Rod kit is made in the United States using aircraft-grade aluminum 6061 T6, making it highly robust. In addition, heavy-duty tie rods from Assault Industries may be installed as an exact OEM replacement with no changes required. These tie rods are designed to work with HCR long travel kits.

These UTVs came with 64-inch Tie Rods, but Ryan needed a long travel kit, so he added HCR Suspension long travel Radius Rods

Baja Designs Lights

This build features the whole Baja Designs catalog.The Polaris RZR PRO XP UTV side-by-side vehicle-specific kits from Baja Designs raise the bar for UTV. In addition, Ryan is a fan of Baja Designs XL 80 LED Light. Although Baja Designs now has a new linkable system for the lighting setup, Ryan prefers the appearance of the individual lights in a safari-style rack since they are so bright and stunning.

The Baja Designs lights look great on the custom-made IMG Motorsports off-the-shelf bolt-on cage. The lights shown on this cage's upper light rack all though individual lights are wired with single swith operation.

Power Adders

Power adders include a complete EVO (Evolution Power Sports) System including the EVO exhaust system and Code Shooter Tuning System. EVO continuously tests and pushes boundaries to ensure the riders receive the horsepower increases needed across many terrains.

Evolution Powersports has boosted its EVO exhaust arsenal for the Polaris PRO XP. The EVO slip-on "MAGNUM" exhaust is free-flowing for maximum power gains. It is built of thick-walled 304 stainless steel and is TIG welded. Furthermore, EVO's packaging approach is designed to last the vehicle's life.

If you're looking for Suspension Upgrades, Wheels, Tires, or General Accessories for the Polaris RZR Pro XP, click the link below and see what you can do to improve this incredible machine. UTV Source has a wide selection of products and accessories for the Polaris RZR Pro XP.

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