Method 409 Bead Grip UTV Wheels Review

Ransom Carroll Jun 20th 2019

Method 409 Bead Grip® UTV Wheels are RAD!

We drove 1350 miles in Baja on these Method 409s

Method Race Wheels has a new patent pending technology called Bead Grip® and we think that is pretty rad... Let's take a look at what this is how it's different from traditional bead locks.

Who is Method Race Wheels

A little background first

Method Race Wheels designs and develops high performance wheels for race and street applications (and off-road).

If you review their website you'll see a good amount of testing data and some of the engineering that goes into their products

Method Race Wheels Center Snap-In Cap

So Method's tagline is... Lighter. Stronger. Faster.

Sounds like a Kanye West track when he was decent but it's 100% factual when we are talking about the Bead Grip® technology which providers similar functionality as standard bead locks with reduced weight (and cost).

Bead Grip® Technology & Testing

So what is Bead Grip® exactly?

Bead Grip® is a wheel design that prevents you from needing the traditional beadlock ring and hardware. Not to mention the agony every time you want to change a tire or put a set of paddles on.

The wheel has an inner-lip that engages the tire further back on both sides for increased grip.

Bead Grip® Technology Explained UTV Wheel Offsets Explained
(Above 2 images owned by Method Race Wheels)

Similar to standard bead locks, this Bead Grip® will allow you to run at extremely low air pressure and has a load rating of 1600 LBS

It's the future.

Method's official test results from the 702 Bead Grip® wheels

Method took conventional wheels with tire bead seats and paired them against Method Trail Series wheels with their integrated Bead Grip® Technology.

This is a standardized test called the " Tubeless Tire Bead Unseat Resistance Test" Created by the U.S. Department of Transportation National Highway Traffic Safety Administration...

That's right the USDTNHTSA ...this test puts a mounted tire on the wheel set at 10psi. The tire is secured horizontally while a fixed arm comes down and applies force to the sidewall until a loss of pressure is detected... Makes sense right?

Let's take a look at the results.

Unseating test results w/ BF Goodrich K02 Tires Unseating test results w/ Toyo 39s
Note: Method 702 wheels were used for this test, but the principal is the same for the Bead Grip® (Above 2 images owned by Method Race Wheels)

Comparing the test results, the Method Bead Grip Wheel w/ a BF Goodrich 285/70/17 needed 22% (333lbs) of force to debead the tire.
Going with the much larger Toyo Tires 39x13.5x17 and you need an extra 40% (957lbs) of force to debead the tire. ... we think that is pretty rad.

Wheel Construction

Method 409 Specifications

  • Patented Bead Grip® technology engages tire bead for increased grip at low air pressures
  • Aggressive safety hump on bead seats further prevents de-beading
  • Reinforced inner lip taken from MRW race wheel design
  • One-piece of cast 356 aluminum construction with T6 heat treatment
  • Method logo debossed on outer lip
  • Snap-in center cap
  • 1600 lb load rating

Closeup shot of the Steel Grey 409 Method UTV Wheel Construction closeup of Method 702 Wheels

Method 409 Color Ways

Steel Grey

Steel Grey Method Race Wheels - 409 Bead Grip UTV Wheels (Closeup) Method Race Wheels - 409 Bead Grip UTV Wheels (Steel Grey)

Matte Black

Method Race Wheels - 409 Bead Grip UTV Wheels (Matte Black) Matte Black Method Race Wheels - 409 Bead Grip UTV Wheels (Closeup)

Available Sizes

  • 14x7 | 4x136 | 13/4+3 (MR40947047543)
  • 14x7 | 4x156 | 13/4+3 (MR40947046543)
  • 14x7 | 4x136 | 38/5+2 (MR40947047552)
  • 14x7 | 4x156 | 38/5+2 (MR40947046552)
  • 15x7 | 4x136 | 13/4+3 (MR40957047543)
  • 15x7 | 4x156 | 13/4+3 (MR40957046543)
  • 15x7 | 4x136 | 13/5+2 (MR40957047552)
  • 15x7 | 4x156 | 38/5+2 (MR40957046552)
  • 15x8 | 4x136 | 0/4+4 (MR40958047544)
  • 15x8 | 4x156 | 0/4+4 (MR40958046544)
  • 15x10 | 4x136 | 0/5+5 (MR40951047555)
  • 15x10 | 4x156 | 0/5+5 (MR40951046555)

UTV Source Takeway

After running the Method 409's for 1300+ miles in Baja...

We think these wheels are "pretty Rad". At least that's what Rick says... I'm still getting used to this Cali-lingo.

It is true though, I was co-driving the can-am for those 1300 miles and saw other cars slashing tires or rolling beads, but we had no issues. Slamming turns and ripping at 75-80 into questionable Lowrance guided terrain. NO ISSUES!

We only aired down a few times for some sand and beaches but you know the wheels did their job if you can flatten a set of rears with no issues.

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