Pack For Preparedness - Essential Tools For UTV Trail Repairs

UTV Tools, Jacks, and MoreWhen you're out on the trail with your UTV, unexpected breakdowns can happen. It's essential to be prepared for these situations so you can get back to enjoying your adventure without a hitch. We've come up with some great recommendations on what to carry in your trail repair kits and boxes.  We started our pack-out boxes early last year and have been tweaking our supply list the last couple of months to fit our needs.

The Right Tool Bag:

Brad suggests a sturdy KOH universal tool bag kit from Boxo USA.  It has enough tools, compartments and some additional space to fit all your essentials.

Standard Tools:

While the Boxo KOH tool bag might have most tools, bring along some extra sockets for UTV axle nuts and bigger bolts on these newer UTV's. These can come in handy for some of the more extensive repairs.  We've done our research for socket size variations for our specific UTV's so we're not left trying to man-handlle the bolt off with a make shift tool with the huge possibility of causing further damage.

Pry Bars and Scraper Knife:

These tools can help you with dislodging stuck parts or removing debris that may cause issues.

Bolt-Loosening Tools:

Include tools to make it easier to deal with stubborn bolts, ensuring you can disassemble and reassemble parts when needed.

1/2 Impact:

A high tourque electric tool that can man handle stuck bolts with it's power.

Mini Sawzall:

A compact saw can be incredibly useful for cutting off parts or materials that are causing problems.

Air Compressor:

Carrying an air compressor allows you to quickly inflate a flat tire, ensuring you can keep moving.  We have a few portable air compressors on our site that could help you out in a pinch

Fluids and Supplies:

Don't forget to bring essential fluids like oil, brake fluid, and coolant. These are vital for topping up levels in case of a leak or low fluid level.

Supplies Box:

  • This box contains various supplies like hose clamps, clips, zip ties, duct tape, and a flashlight. These items can help you address a wide range of issues. We have since added Tire Repair items like Slime and Tire Patch Kits as well as JB Weld (we cracked a wheel and this helped us go another 100 miles back to camp with out a leak!)

AGM Jack

Being prepared with the right tools can make a significant difference when you're out on the trail. Instead of relying on borrowed tools or hoping someone else has what you need, you can confidently tackle unexpected UTV issues.

Brad's advice highlights the importance of being self-sufficient during your off-road adventures. With the right tools and a well-organized repair kit, you'll be ready to handle any situation that comes your way.

So, before your next UTV trail adventure, make sure you've assembled your trail repair kit based on Brad's recommendations. Being prepared can turn a potentially frustrating situation into a minor inconvenience that won't slow you down.