Product Overview Get The Inside Scoop On Metalhead Fab S UTV Grab Handles And Device Mounting System

Metalhead Fab’s Grab Handles Secure and Inform

We live in an increasingly connected and high-tech world, there’s little doubt about that. With all the modern wonders we have access to, GPS stands as one of the most useful in the dirt – being able to pinpoint your position anywhere in the world and track yourself in real-time has its benefits. While most UTVs nowadays come with some option of equipping a GPS unit if not outright having one from the factory, sometimes specific tasks require specific tools.

Metalhead Fab UTV Grab Handle

Enter Metal Head Fabrication’s grab handles – providing a solid lineup of billet aluminum handles for a passenger to hang on to, as well as a solid and convenient mounting point for a wide array of devices. And with a gamut of supported platforms finding one that fits your UTV is simple.

The design of this Oh Sh*t handle allows it to telescope in and out, and is available in a wide variety of finishes. I am partial to the straightforward aluminum look. In addition to having an attractive finish, the overall build on these grab handles is incredibly solid – zero concerns with the longevity of it.

These handles accommodate assorted mounts ranging from GPS to phone mounts, providing a surefire way to keep your situational awareness on the go. And for travels on more familiar terrain, having the option for a phone mount has its benefits- especially if that’s linked to your sound system. Our model here has the Axia Alloys cell phone holder, which looks right at home.

No matter the device, they can also be pivoted to provide a clearer view of the device to the driver. That pivoting is done with a secure joint allowing tool-free movement, letting the co-driver easily adjust the screen position even when tightly harnessed for more serious driving.

With something you are likely to see and touch often, the Metal Head Fabrication grab handles add a nice premium feel to the cabin. Sometimes all it takes to make a build feel special are high-quality parts in places you notice.

As a whole package it might sound like a small addition, however, being able to quickly glance at your navigation device makes the driving experience that much nicer. And when you combine that with dual-purpose use as a mount and a grab handle for your passenger, it’s truly a win-win.

Words: Matthew McNulty

Photos: Logan Gallagher

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