PRODUCT REVIEW Savage UTV Revolve Case

The Savage UTV case has been a mandatory accessory for almost all of our UTVs, and for good reason, it has proven its durability, versatility, and functionality. Savage UTV continues to push boundaries and innovate in the SXS industry. The recently released REVOLVE Spare Tire Mounted Storage System is the next evolution of Savage UTV multi-use storage systems and might just be one of their best products yet.

We got our hands on one to see for ourselves, and found it is not just a simple “one size fits all” approach. The REVOLVE is adaptable for the specific needs of each driver and their application… that is the beauty of it.

Savage Revolve UTV Sports Photo by Jason Stilgebouer

Savage UTV has been known to make quality products to help ease the headaches of limited storage on UTVs. The REVOLVE Spare tire multi-case seemed like a significant evolution of their storage solutions to innovate their product offerings. Starting from a roll bar mounted first-aid kit stemmed into a UTV belt storage system and tool kit protected from the elements. But Savage UTV’s products weren’t just used by weekend warriors; they became a necessity for many off-road racers. If your products can survive off-road races such as the Baja 1000, then you know it is a durable product. The Savage UTV Boxo Belt tool case has become an industry must-have and has been trusted by many off-road racers for its durability.

The REVOLVE Spare Tire Multi Case utilizes the untapped storage potential of your spare tire, nestling under the Y-Tire strap to keep it secure. Its shell is molded from a tough, durable, 1680D Nylon. Each case is designed to endure the most extreme elements keeping mud, silt, and water at bay thanks to a water-resistant zipper.

Savage Revolve Tool
UTV Sports Photo by Jason Stilgebouer

Two layers of tough EVA foam are completely customizable to the driver’s needs. These foam inserts can even be removed to add a first aid kit, tow strap, impact driver, or recovery gear. You can set up your REVOLVE for overlanding, pre-running, rock crawling, open desert racing, or fun family cruising.

The case comes standard with EVA foam but has an option for easier to cut Kaizen foam. Size wise, the inserts come in at 12″ round with a 10.5″ x 4″ cut out in the center and two rings around the outside for ease of spare belt storage. They are a blank slate for anything you need to secure.

UTV Sports Photo by Jason Stilgebouer

But what if you don’t want to customize your own case? Fear not, Savage UTV has you covered, a complete lineup of options are available for most common use scenarios. One of our cases was pre-cut to hold the hook for our AGM manual jack, an impact gun, and accommodate two spare belts. Our other REVOLVE Case has a tool kit with all the standard tools you would need to change a belt and tire while on the trail. The insert even has room for spare belts, although those aren’t included.

Revolve UTV Sports Photo by Jason Stilgebouer
Revolve Case UTV Sports Photo by Jason Stilgebouer

Savage UTV has done it again by developing a truly innovative product with simple design language and a reasonable price. From BOXO USA Tools, Pro Eagle, and AGM Products, the collaborations are plentiful but aren’t the key feature. Every driver has the opportunity to make their REVOLVE case fit exactly what they need, be it spare belts, screwdrivers, or sandwiches.

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