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Project Tornado Polaris RZR Pro XP 4

Matt Druey Sep 3rd 2020

Project Tornado - Polaris RZR Pro XP 4

Our customer came to us with basically one thought in mind...he wanted to build the most badass RZR Pro XP that the internet has ever seen. This RZR had to not only be over the top, using the best parts out, but there had to be quite a bit of custom work done to just set it apart from all the others.

3D Vinyl Wrap

Starting with the exterior of the RZR, the first thing that catches your eye is the wrap. This wrap is actually a multi-layered wrap done by Vader Werks. What this means is that instead of the wrap being designed on the computer then printing the design on the vinyl, this wrap was designed on the computer in multiple layers and then installed layer-by-layer on the RZR. This way of design and installation really gives the vehicle a 3D look and gives the wrap some depth. One extremely under-looked detail is the color change on the FOX Shocks to match the theme of the wrap.

Cage & Aluminum Work

After you notice the wrap, you quickly realize that this is not an ordinary Polaris RZR Pro XP4. The OEM cage was removed and replaced with a 1-off custom Fabwerx cage that was made 3” wider and taller which allowed the accommodation of 3” wider PRP seats. Our customer is 6’10” tall so the additional width and height of the cage was a necessity. In addition to the cage, this RZR was outfitted with the built-in door kit, windshield, window nets, and the new Fabwerx Pro XP front bumper.

With the extra height of the cage, we still wanted the cage to appear as low-profile as possible so Fabwerx built a droop-over aluminum roof that makes the roof line appear much lower than it actually is. Along with the roof, the entire vehicle got custom aluminum paneling to make this a 1-off, unique RZR Pro XP. The sharp edges and body lines of the new aluminum paneling really give this RZR the look it should have had from the factory.

The cage and aluminum work incorporates a custom air intake as well as rear paneling to house 1-2 spare tires. Since this car was built to take on anything, the extra spare tire on a long trip could be a trip saver!

Wheels & Tires

This car was built to be a go-anywhere type of RZR, so the desert and trail riding setup we put on it are the Method Race Wheels 401-R (high offset) wrapped in Tensor Tires DS 33” tires. The Method 401-R wheels are actually a 5” wide wheel as opposed to a typical 7” wide wheel. What this does is actually give the tire more of a “balloon” effect giving you more sidewall and effectively taking away a lot of the bump steer you get with wider wheels. This wheel setup is one of our go-to setups as we have tested this exact setup 1,000+ miles in Baja.


As we all know, the Polaris RZR Pro XP models only come in a 64” wide variant. Our customer was going to be doing a lot of dune riding, so the 64” wide OEM suspension was not going to cut it. Luckily, HCR makes a long travel kit for the RZR Pro XP which widens the vehicle to 72”. This HCR kit combined with the included spring rate change for the shocks is going to not only give the RZR more suspension travel, but it’s going to provide more stability when dune riding.


As for performance on this build, we kept it very simple and straight to the point. This build had to be reliable on long runs so we didn’t want to go over the top with it. We went with a Trinity Exhaust system with a Trinity tuner to squeeze some extra horsepower out of it. This setup should provide just enough power to make it peppy but keep it reliable.


The lighting package on this RZR needed to be very versatile and ready for any scenario. Starting at the top, a 7-light KC HiLiTES PRO6 light bar was installed into an electronically actuated light rack. In a situation where you want your light bar aimed a little higher (dunes) this light bar can be fine tuned from within the car without having to unbuckle and/or use any tools. The front bumper houses a KC HiLiTES 10” FLEX light bar which provides all the “right in front of you” light.

The rear wing on the Fabwerx cage houses a KC HiLiTES Rear Chase light bar which, in combination with some flush mounted KC Cyclone lights, acts as the rear brake lights, reverse lights, and amber dust lights. KC HiLiTES Cyclone lights are installed inside each wheel well and under the spare tire to not only provide some accent lighting at night, but to provide some area lighting for hanging out around camp.

Mil-Spec Wiring & Lighting Control Unit

One detail you would never even see on this RZR is the wiring job. This RZR was taken to our good friends over at Hardwired Performance to get a full mil-spec wiring harness built for it. Mil-spec wiring harness basically means that there is one big wiring harness made for all the lights throughout the car which uses high quality wiring and connectors. What this means is that if you wanted to take off a light, all you have to do is unplug that light from the mil-spec harness and plug it back in when you want to reinstall it. Mil-spec wiring is not something you would see in a typical SXS build, but since this build is over-the-top, it had to be done!

In addition to the mil-spec wiring harness, all the lights are controlled via the Switch Pros control unit. Basically this system has a durable touch pad instead of your standard rocker switches. Not only does it save you room on your dash, but it also gives you the ability to strobe every single light on the vehicle which can be helpful if you need to really send a message to someone in front of you or behind you.

Interior Accessories

The interior was also a huge focus on this build. This needed to be comfortable for a 6’10” man, but also be able to fit plenty of cargo for long trips. Like we mentioned before, this RZR was outfitted with two custom PRP GT/S.E. seats that are 3” wider. The seats were actually pushed back further as well to give the driver and passenger more leg room. PRP 5.3x2 harnesses were also installed to provide maximum comfort and safety while driving.

The passenger grab bar was outfitted with an adjustable Lawrence GPS unit so the customer could download trails for longer runs.

In addition to the Switch Pros control unit, a Rugged Radios car-to-car and driver-to-passenger communication system was installed. A radio system like this is a necessity when going on longer group runs or just to stay in touch with your riding friends when out in the dunes. We also added a Rugged Radios M3 Pumper unit so fresh air could be pumped through the riders’ helmets on hot, dusty runs in the desert.

As stated before, this RZR Pro XP4 is actually converted to being a 2-seater. When moving to the back, there is quite a bit going on. As soon as you open the driver’s side passenger door, you are greeted with a slide-out rack with a YETI cooler and plenty of storage space. This provides quick and easy access to get a drink and prevent you from having to crawl around to get your cargo after a run.

Staying on the same side of the vehicle, behind the sliding rack, a King Shocks portable jack was installed with quick pin access. Before the suspension was powdercoated, tabs for this jack were welded into place on the front arms and the trailing arms to provide the driver/passenger with a quick way to jack the vehicle up and change a tire. It’s the before-thought of little features like this that take this RZR Pro XP to the next level!

On the rear passenger side of the RZR, you will find two RotopaX locked down for extra fuel storage for long trips. Just behind the RotopaX is a spare rear axle as well.

Interior Upholstery

Last, but not least, is the interior work on this RZR. It started off with Fabwerx designing and building the amazing door panels and inner roof panel. The design of the door panels was actually pretty crucial for the comfortability of the car because the seats were pushed back. Once the aluminum paneling was finished up, the RZR was then taken to our friends over at RFS Motorsports where they could then work their upholstery magic.

The first thing you will notice when opening the door is the incredible door panel. RFS Motorsports first lined the door panel with a thin memory foam and then overlaid that with vinyl and double stitched the seams. They even made a custom door pouch for a cell phone or wallet.

Then, you look up. When turned on, the starry night headliner provides that amazing luxurious touch to the vehicle that can be spotted, at night, a mile away. RFS had to meticulously place each individual fiber optic strands into the headliner and trim them to get the correct look.


This was one of the most challenging and fun builds to execute with some of the best brands in the industry. So many talented individuals had their hand in this build and the results absolutely speak for themselves. Be sure to check out the entire build overview video!