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Rockford Fosgate X Black Rifle Coffe Company

Matt Druey Aug 31st 2020

Rockford Fosgate - Black Rifle Coffee Company

Rockford Fosgate

The Rockford Fosgate is a name that can be trusted when it comes to car audio. Year after year, they show that they are one of the leading car audio specialists in the mobile electronics industry. Because of their keen attention to detail, Rockford Fosgate has established a reputation for producing high-quality products since its founding in 1973. It is a testament to their brand that even after all of these years, you can still take pride in saying that your vehicle is loaded with Rockford Fosgate components and accessories. They still design and produce each of the amplifiers, sound processors, and woofers at their headquarters in Tempe, AZ. Rockford Fosgate produces high-end mobile audio products such as car speakers, car subwoofers, amplifiers, sound processors, and all the necessary installation accessories. You can trust Rockford Fosgate to give you the results you want if you are looking to build an industry-standard system.

Black Rifle Coffee Company

Black Rifle Coffee Company (BRCC) is a veteran-owned and run premium small-batch coffee company known worldwide for its cutting-edge, energetic, and non-apologetic marketing and philanthropic activities. As BRCC is a veteran-oriented company, it returns a portion of its profits each year to support initiatives that help veterans, LEO's, and first responder groups are equally tantamount to creating great coffee and epic campaigns. BRCC is leading the way in introducing job programs to help veterans of the military service return to their community by taking the skills they have gained during their military careers and applying them to different positions within the organization. Assisting with ensuring that BRCC not only sets the bar but raises it.

Get Together

It's fun to hang out with friends sometimes, and have a good time. Black Rifle Coffee Company converted a mobile coffee shop to a military tank. This Light Medium Tactical Vehicle was once military troop transport. Now it serves as a road-bound coffee shop emblazoned with a BRCC logo. Equipped with the gigantic 4000-watt Rockford Fosgate power audio system, this LMTV can be the life of a coffee-fueled party. The Rockford Fosgate gang and the crew from BRCC LMTV had a very nice time together on the way to the rocking range. Nothing special was planned It was just a gathering of friends. They have had fun riding with each other and hanging out.