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Rugged Geek Portable Air Compressor

Matt Druey Aug 26th 2020

Rugged Geek Portable Air Compressor

A group of Geeks, who wanted products that fit their lifestyle, founded Rugged Geek.

They set out to design, develop, and deliver not only innovative but useful quality products. Through their approach to product creation, they are analytical and professional and combine it with a pragmatic and functional design side to offer products that meet the tech needs of modern consumers.

They hope that products made by Rugged Geek can give people peace of mind and help make their life more enjoyable and effective.

Rugged Geek Jump Starters

The only jump starters on the market with INTELLIBOOST technology are RUGGED GEEK. This technology takes the risk and fear of jumping by ensuring that energy flows can be done only when it is safe. Don't stand and try to call a stranger or waste hundreds of dollars and hours waiting for a tow truck. You can raise your own UTV or vehicle safely and be on track in seconds with the RUGGED GEEK Jump Starters.

The Jump Starters come in three RG1000, RG1000 Saftey, and RG1000 Saftey Plus variants. With RG1000 Safety Plus, the "Plus" means you get the extra protection that a portable air compressor provides.

You can check on UTVSOURCE.COM for all RUGGED GEEK Jump Starters.

Rugged Geek - RG150 Portable Air Compressor

The Portable Air Compressor RUGGED GEEK RG150 12V is compact and versatile. It weighs only 10.5 oz with a footprint of 4.3 "L x 2" W x 3.5 "H. It's very simple to use, only plug the power cord into the Rugged Geek jump starter and turn on the power button. This powerful compressor is powered directly from the RG1000, so you don't need to run a long wire from the cigarette lighter of your car. This is ideal for adding air to a low tire or inflating truck or bike tires where otherwise there is no power outlet. The RG150 air compressor included features an analog gauge of 150psi as well as 3 3 adapters for many uses: a sports ball needle adapter, a bicycle tire Presta adapter, and an inflatable Nozzle adapter.

How long does it take for the RG150 Portable air compressor to pump up a tire?

The RG150 Portable Air Compressor pumps 35 pounds of pressure in a tire for around 7.5 minutes. It consumes 25 percent of battery when hooked up with RG 1000.