Sector Seven Billet Rear Camera Mount For Polaris

Sector Seven Polaris Rear Camera Mount

Sector Seven Offers the Highest Visibility from All Sides

A new year brings new opportunities! Now, Sector Seven’s Rear Camera Mount for the RZR Pro R application has expanded to the new RZR XP platform. Without this easy upgrade, both Polaris models experience the infamous black shadow across the Ride Command screen. And this is exactly the issue that Sector Seven remedies with their products.

Polaris Rear Camera Mount

MSRP $59.95


  • 6061 Billet Aluminum
  • Easy Installation
  • Hidden-Bolt Design
  • Made In U.S.A.

If you’ve ever tried reversing in your Polaris RZR Pro-R or Polaris RZR XP and realized there’s a large margin of visibility lost in the Ride Command screen? The Sector Seven Billet Rear Camera Mount widens that area substantially, making it easier to see what’s out back.

See clearly from all sides with a combo pairing Sector Seven bolt-ons like their Billet LED Lighted Side Mirrors with this easy-to-install exterior accessory for the rear camera. Alleviate these pains and prevent unnecessary incidents with this simple improvement! For more information or to learn about all of Sector Seven’s lineup Here

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