UTVSourced Blueberry 2019 Polaris RZR Turbo S Velocity

Matt Druey Dec 10th 2019

#UTVSourced: Blueberry - 2019 Polaris RZR Turbo S Velocity

We had a customer hit us up on email recently, requesting that we pick up his brand new Polaris RZR Turbo S Velocity at the local dealership. He asked us to take a look at it and how we thought this beauty can make the transition into a bad ass build.

The car is a 2019 model with Walker Evans shocks, not the dynamic ride control. It came in hyper silver with the sun flashing off its highlights at the right angles.

The customer is a California resident, so he said he was going to be taking it into the desert and a lot of unforgiving terrain.

Basically, he wanted a monster that can take on tough desert terrain, and he wanted it in baby blue so we made it happen.


We wanted to build this thing out as solid as possible, so we upgraded the customer to a Fabwerx TT SpecSuspension System. That’s trophy truck specs, meaning this here’s the big-boy parts. The kit is TIG welded and designed to take some serious abuse without breaking. C:\Users\SANNI OPEOLUWA\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\INetCache\Content.Word\Polaris RZR Shock.png

We went for an illusion blueberry powder coating and also changed out the springs. The Velocity comes in red springs so we changed that out to black. We added on black coil covers and a sheened Spring Cup, rather than the cast aluminium Spring Cup that seems to fail often.

For the rear suspension, we went with the TT Spec Rear Trailing Arm. It’s internally gusseted, boxed and has a pocketed arm, just like you see on a pre-runner or a trophy truck. The billet machine sits deeper in the pocket making it pretty much the strongest system you can install on the car. Powder coated in blueberry illusion, the finish is beautiful.


Since the customer said he was going to be riding in the desert, we built the cage according to those specs. He wanted a dope cage with all the works, so that’s exactly what we gave him.

We went with the Fabwerx Polaris RZR 2-seater cage with a top rack, windshield and bed option. Super strong and with great add-on options, Fabwerx makes the best cages around. We put in a removable windshield on the cage with button head screws that pop right off if you don’t want it. We also installed a front variance with Zeus caps.

One really great thing about this build was the doors. It was made from one piece with the cage. No ugly points coming off and perfectly flush with the body when closed.

The customer went with the window nets which are incorporated into the cage. There’s a rubber bump that keeps it on so the net is not flexing around all the time. The window is removable so if he wants to go racing he can take it right out in less than a second.

Something else we did on the cage was we eliminated the factory frog skin and installed really nice CNC laser-cut parts instead. We had them in color matched blue that looked really cool.

One thing that’s really cool about the Polaris is the bed. With the Fabwerx whoop cage, you have options to add a spare tire carrier and we went for that. There’s still space under the tire for all your cargo. It comes with great struts, a quick pin release and a nice wide tire strap.

Bumper and Radius Rod Upgrades

Along with a really safe, super strong cage, we wanted to make sure the suspension components have all the support they need. Right on the front, we went ahead and put on a Madigan bumper, making the front hardier and the whole chassis stronger. We also powder coated the bumpers in skid plate black so they look really cool.

Radius Rods are one of the big weak points with side-by-sides. When you hit big whoops hard enough, they can snap like toothpicks. We put in machined radius rods with FK hardware to take care of that. With these in there, the car’s not going to get any beefier than this.

Lighting Upgrades

The customer requested 10-inch KC HiLites Flex Series lights on the bumper. These give you clear, clean lights for any situation. They come with gold rings but we swapped those out for black rings, which are available on the side. You can also go for black, blue gold or red depending on how you roll.

We also installed a Pro 6 KC HiLites Bar on the cage. Fabwerx cages come equipped with welded in bunks and bracket that let those fit right in. The bar can be straight as you like or you can give it some radius for a wider effect.

The customer took advantage of one of the promos and ordered up a KC HiLites Rear Chase Light Bar. So, he’s got brake lights, flashing ambers and rear lights.

We also added in a Spot 4x4 system with the bumper lights, windshield lights, roof lights, backup lights all connected in there. With a touch you can strobe from the system which is mounted right in the cage.

Wheels and Tires

Another pretty cool thing we did on the car is with the tires. They usually come with really nice 32-inch tires. The customer wanted an upgrade to a 33-inch, so we went with the Kanati Tear Master tires.

They’re 33 x 10 x 15 asymmetrical tires, meaning they have a Side A, for soft terrain, and a Side B, for hard terrain. These tires will provide awesome service, especially in the desert with all that loose sand and rocks.

When we got the wheels on this car, we asked the customer “Do you want to be changing out bead locks or do you not want to deal with that mess?” He didn’t want any of it, so we installed the 409 Bead GripMethod Race Wheels. It eliminates the need for bead lock rings, sports an inner lip and a reverse mount, and also powder coated in black.

Seats and Interior

Another part of the safety aspect of the car is the custom PRP GT/S.E Suspension Seats we installed. It has a non-removable cushion and we went with a blue vinyl tweed with blue stitching on this one because there’s no charge for upgrade on your custom seats.

The seats are super comfortable, way better than the factory option and super safe too. We installed a set of 4-point, auto-buckle, easy-adjust harnesses with great padding and a sternum strap. The seats are very safe so even if you’re in a roll or a wreck, those harnesses won’t slide off your shoulders. The driver’s side comes with the equipped factory plugin for the speed control from PRP seats.

We went with an Assault Ballistic Suede Steering Wheel, color matched in blue and black overlay. We also did a really nice Geiser Shift with a cool knob.

The customer wasn’t too big on eating dirt in the desert. Since he’s going to be wearing a helmet we got Parker Pumpers installed in the car. It has a two-person system, with a high-speed fan and comes in carbon fiber with a billet machine. The hose on these is really cool. It’ll pull right along with your helmet even if he moves forward so you have plenty of freedom there.

He also opted for speed control so he can regulate how much air flow comes into his helmet. We installed a variable air speed control system right below the radios. Very easy to switch off/on or adjust the airflow.


The customer indicated he would be riding with friends, so he wanted a communications system. We went with the 696 Bluetooth System from Rugged Radios and the car-to-car communications so he can talk to his buddies riding ahead or behind.

We also went with a really nice bracket from Rugged Radios that locks into the cage so it’s not banging around and making a nuisance.

Performance Mods and Wiring

The customer didn’t want to make any performance mods on the car. We think that’s fine. Drive it and get a feel for how it rolls. Then if you want to add to it, you can do that anytime.

We had the system wired by Hard-Wired performance so it has a really great spec harness. Everything lays into it and it has really nice connectors. If one of the lights breaks, you can simply unplug it and send it in for its warranty. No need to call in the pros on that one or start cutting on things inside the car.


We started with a Polaris RZR that was a great car out of the box. Now, we’ve built out a bad ass little machine that’ll eat the desert raw. We can say we’re pretty satisfied with how well this 2019 Polaris RZR Turbo S Velocity build turned out.

If you have any questions about this build or the parts used, reach out to us.