Visibility And Style: LED Chase Light Bars, Be Seen Be Safe

That Situation...

When it comes to off-roading, visibility is not just about seeing; it's about being seen. That's where rear chase lights come into play. We've all ridden in those dusty, low-visibility conditions where you can't really tell if someone is ahead of you or not. Suddenly they're RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU!! You slam on the brakes, narrowly avoiding hitting them all because they weren't running chase lights. And if you aren't running chase lights yourself, the roles get reversed and the person behind you nearly runs into you as well. It's all about visibility and communication. Stock taillights just don't cut it and it gets really dangerous when riding in a group situation without the use of chase lights. On top of being able to see the driver in front of you and knowing that you can be seen as well, chase lights are valuable asset in communicating with other riders. Most chase lights offer additional lighting modes that can help indicate different messages to your group. There's a lot of options and it can be daunting to choose the right chase light for your UTV. Rick breaks it all down with a few recommendations and some things to keep in mind with these choices.

"Good" Chase Lights

All Terrain Concepts Chase Series

All Terrain Concepts stands out as a solid choice, offering affordability without compromising on ease of use. These come with a straightforward 3-position switch and a simple wiring harness. It's hard to make a mistake with this choice. They both come in both race and play versions to suit your needs.

"Better" Chase Lights

KC HiLiTES Multi-Function Rear Facing LED Light Bar

The brightness on the KCHiLiTES rear LED Light Bar is unmatched. I personally use this setup on our Polaris Pro R build. The ease of mounting, thanks to its extruded aluminum housing, can't be praised enough.  The instructions are straight forward, with the only drawback being that it doesn't come with a true plug-and-play harness which takes a little more time to wire up. It does offer a ton of customization and alternate modes. Integrating a few rocker switches from our XTC lineup simplifies the installation process though and takes advantage of the other lighting modes.  You can also opt for a Switch Pro or an SSV Switch system to control both your front and rear lights. The KCHiLiTES rear chase light sets a standard in the industry, offering great value for your investment. It's designed for both racing and play purposes, available exclusively in a 28" model to maintain simplicity.

Rear Light Bar Baja Sur V3

RLB has become a key player in the LED lighting market. One of the best things about their chase lights is that they can be ordered with a plug-and-play pigtail that taps into your UTV's existing harness. These are specific to each make and model and simplify the installation process significantly. They also provide a bracket that allows for easy mounting on your UTV without any need for modifications, making the setup process as straightforward as possible. They offer a few sizes and color configurations. 

Rear Light Bar Tecate Split V3

RLB also has the Tecate Split Chase Light for setups where you don't have the room for a full light bar. These are great if you have a taller spare tire carrier as well that may block a traditional chase light bar. The same pigtail and mounting brackets are included for that easy install.

Rigid Industries UTV Chase LED Tail Light

Rigid Industries took a different path with their approach to rear chase lighting, opting for individual light setups over the traditional LED bar. If you want to stand out from the crowd, this is the way to do it. Unfortunately if you want the full color setup, you'll need to purchase at least three. This plus the need for additional tabbing to mount them and a required use of multiple rock switches or switch panel system to get the same functionality of other chase lights keeps them out of the top spot.

"Best" Chase Lights

Baja Designs RTL Series

The RTL series form Baja Designs takes the win for me exceptional brightness and spot on color. The housing is both slim and stylish, and it comes in a variety of sizes, including a compact mini chase light option. Like many others in its category, it offers a range of color patterns suitable for both racing and play. A wiring harness is available for purchase separately, but is extremely easy to setup. I still recommend considering a Switch Pro, SSV Switch system, or XTC Power Products system for any lighting package though just because of the increased control you get over all of your lights.

Conquer The Dust

Regardless of which rear chase lights you choose, the important part is that you are making a commitment to safety, communication, and style. Whether you're a seasoned rider or new to the scene, understanding the importance of these lights can make a significant difference in your adventures. Stay visible, stay safe, and keep pushing the boundaries of what your UTV can do.