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DS18 Audio Dual Twist RCA Cable - 16 Ft Long

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Your signal to your amplifiers is one very important part of your system. These cables carry your music signal to your amplifiers and the better the construction of the RCA, the more precise and better the signal is. Your choice of RCA can effect volume, noise, and overall performance of your amplifier and system all together. With DS18's HQ RCA cables, you don't have to worry about any of that. Our HQ RCA is made of the best materials available on the market and is guaranteed to give you the best signal for the most out of your system available.


  • Made from the best OFC wire on the market giving a clean noise free signal.
  • Strong twisted RCA wiring sheathed in a strong jacket for the ultimate insulation and protection.
  • High Quality connecting terminals that give a great look while also having a tremendously sturdy terminals.


  • Core Wire Outer Diameter: 7.3mm with nylon braid sleeving for more electromagnetic and physical protection
  • Terminal Wire Outer Diameter: 2 x (4mm) with foil and PVC jacket
  • High quality split wire with screw-down point
  • RCA plug with silver-plated tip and metal body
  • Low-Loss soldering wire with PVC molding protection
  • Dual twist wire for noise rejection
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