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EVO Powersports 2020+ Can Am Maverick X3 Silicone Charge Tubes With Bov Port (Green)

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EVO Powersports 2020+ Can Am Maverick X3 Silicone Charge Tubes With Bov Port (Green) (100FC0009)


Industry Leading Strength!

EVO Powersports 4 ply, reinforced silicone charge tubes directly replace the OEM rubber boost hoses. These charge tubes are so strong that they can support over 80 PSI of boost! Each set comes with both upper and lower hoses as well as high-strength, spring loaded T-Bolt Clamps for the turbo, throttle body and both sides of the intercooler. These top quality clamps ensure a leak proof connection that absolutely will not blow off - even under extreme boost! The tubes have a 1" BOV port and an extra port for a boost gauge. In case you are not running a BOV, a billet anodized block-off plug and clamp are included as well. Not only charge tubes super strong and burst proof, but they add a bit of eye candy as well! Available in a variety of colors to ensure a great color match to your wrap!

Ready for Big Boost!

The 2020 RR 195 HP Model has larger intercooler inlet and outlet. EVO new reinforced hoses have been enlarged to fit the new RR and have a larger ID throughout. 

Why Silicone over Aluminum?
EVO reinforced silicone charge tubes are stronger than typical thin wall aluminum tubes. EVO charge tubes are burst tested to over 80 PSI without failure. Silicone does not transfer heat the way aluminum does. The X3 charge tubes are situated directly over the engine and turbo. Since silicone is an insulator, heat will not be transferred from the engine/turbo radiant heat to the charge air. Also aluminum tubes generally cannot be formed into the shape that silicone can be.This means that aluminum tubes have to be joined together by silicone couplers. Each coupler adds 2 extra clamps which means two more potential failure/leak points. Lastly, EVO Maverick X3 Silicone Charge Tubes are available in virtually all Can Am colors!

Comes with new high strength, spring backed T-Bolt Clamps for leak-proof connections. Includes BOV port and an extra port for a boost gauge.

Included parts

(1) EVP Silicone Charge Tube Set
(1) T Bolt Clamp 206
(3) T Bolt Clamp 262
(1) 13.3mm Pinch Clamp
(1) 40-25mm Worm Drive Clamp
(1) Blow-Off Valve Block Off
(1) Aux Port Block Off
(2) 12” Zip Ties


This product is exempt from the emission standards and related requirements of 40 C.F.R. § 1051 as provided by 40 C.F.R. § 1051.620, and California law [e.g., vehicle code§§ 27156 and 38391]. This product is sold only for use in connection with EPA -certified, purpose-built, nonroad vehicles used solely for closed course, nonroad competition/racing and not used for any recreational purpose or on public highways or right of ways maintained by and open to the public. This product is sold only in connection with machines that do not fall under state and/or federal noise or emission standards/regulations. Purchasers who/that purchase this product represent and warrant that the product is purchased only in connection with EPA -certified, emission-regulations-exempt and noise-regulations-exempt competition/racing vehicles as interpreted under applicable state and/or federal law.
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WARRANTY Any Evolution Powersports Products Used in Sanctioned or Unsanctioned Racing Voids Warranty. TERM LIMITS Exhaust: 1 year Big Turbo Kits: 30 days Electrical Parts: 14 days All Other EVO Parts (excluding Big Turbo Kits & Electrical): 1 year Non-EVO 3rd Party Parts: Not Warrantied by Evolution Powersports - Contact Manufacturer Evolution Powersports' Warranty only applies to original product purchaser. All warranty claims must be accompanied by images of the entire vehicle from: All 4 sides The part(s) installed on the vehicle The issue with the part(s) Warranty claims without images will not be acceptedTo issue a Warranty Claim, email the above photographs with Customer and Order details. If the part(s) are damaged and meet the warranty criteria, an RMA number will be issued. After RMA is issued, Dealer must ship the product to the address provided with the RMA. Product must be shipped to EVO at Customer's expense. If parts are damaged in shipping back to EVO, it is up to the customer to contact their shipping company for damage reimbursement. Once parts are received EVO, at its sole discretion, will determine whether a warranty applies and remedy accordingly. All warranty periods are determined from the date the product was delivered according to the carrier tracking number. Evolution Powersports bears no responsibility for damage caused to your vehicle by the installation of EVO products. Although we have been careful to supply you with the highest quality parts possible, we assume no liability for damage to vehicle or personal injury from installing or using any of our products.
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