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EVO Powersports Polaris RZR 1000S CodeShooter Power Flash Pack

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EVO Powersports Polaris RZR 1000S CodeShooter Power Flash Pack (002RP0048)

Podium proven time and time again, EVO relentlessly test and push limits to ensure the riders get the horsepower gains, power at the wheel and performance they need. EVO commitment has always been to deliver the most refined, powerful & relentlessly tested ECU Power Flash possible.

Programming for the Polaris RZR 1000S has yielded excellent horsepower gains! Timing, fueling, torque limit modifications, rev limits and speed limits have all been changed to extract the most power and make the vehicle as fast as possible. A 5 wheel horsepower increase with just tuning and an 11 wheel horsepower gain with intake & exhaust! Other great features are added and/or changed to enhance the drivability and fun factor of the vehicle.

This Kit Includes

  • STOCK INJECTOR: Stages 1 - 3R


  • 2016-2021 POLARIS RZR 1000S

ECU Power Flash Stages

Stock Injector
ECU Flashes
Stock 89 69 91 Stock or Aftermarket
Stage 1 92 71 91 Stock or Aftermarket
Stage 1.5 95 73 91 Aftermarket Intake
Stage 2 97 74.5 91 Aftermarket Exhaust 
Stage 3 99 76 91 Aftermarket Exhaust & Intake
Stage 3R 101 78 100 Aftermarket Exhaust & Intake
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