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Havoc Racing Co Elite Goggle (Apollo)

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  • Havoc Racing Co Elite Goggle (Apollo)  UTVS0093132
  • Havoc Racing Co Elite Goggle (Apollo)  UTVS0093132
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The Havoc Racing Co Elite Goggle (Apollo) is a top-of-the-line goggle designed with the rider in mind. When compared to leading competitors, it is clear why the Havoc goggles stand out from the rest. With thicker foam, a wider field of view, a pre-curved lens to keep dirt out, and extra vents for added airflow, these goggles provide the ultimate riding experience. Say goodbye to "nose-pinching" with this Elite design.

Available in a striking Red/Black color combination, the Havoc Racing Co Elite Goggle features a silver mirror pre-curved lens. The lens is not only anti-fog and anti-scratch but also provides protection from harmful UV rays. This ensures clarity of vision, regardless of the weather conditions.

What sets these goggles apart is the triple layer 18mm foam, designed for maximum comfort and sweat absorption. This feature ensures that the goggles stay in place and are comfortable to wear for extended periods of time. The adjustable 3D embroidered anti-slip strap further enhances the fit and stability of the goggles.

To optimize airflow and prevent fogging, the Havoc Racing Co Elite Goggle features vented airways around the frame. This allows for better breathability and ensures clear vision throughout your ride. Additionally, a removable nose guard provides added protection and versatility.

With stainless steel tear-off posts, changing lenses or tear-offs is a breeze. The goggle bag, which is included with the purchase, provides convenient storage and protection for your goggles when not in use.

To enhance your riding experience even further, we offer a range of accessories for the Havoc Racing Co Elite Goggle (Apollo). These include a pre-curved lens in clear and a pack of 10 clear tear-offs, allowing you to customize your goggles to suit your preferences and riding conditions.

Choose the Havoc Racing Co Elite Goggle (Apollo) for unmatched comfort, visibility, and style. The quality and attention to detail in these goggles make them the top choice for riders who demand the best. So gear up and hit the tracks with the Havoc Racing Co Elite Goggle (Apollo).
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