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Havoc Racing Co Infinity Goggle (Desert Storm)

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The Havoc Racing Co Infinity Goggle (Desert Storm) is here to revolutionize your riding experience. Say goodbye to traditional goggles that limit your customization options. With the Havoc Infinity Goggle, you have complete freedom to make it your own.

Featuring an innovative 2-part magnetic design, this goggle allows you to easily switch out lenses without any hassle. The lens is fixed magnetically onto the goggle, ensuring a secure fit and no more fumbling with clips or hooks. With just one click, you can remove the strap and customize it to your liking.

The Infinity design of these goggles provides a wider field of vision, allowing you to see more of your surroundings while riding. Whether you're tearing up the dunes or navigating through tough trails, the Havoc Infinity Goggle ensures you have the best possible view.

Comfort is key when it comes to riding gear, and the Havoc Infinity Goggle delivers. With leading in class 20mm foam, these goggles provide maximum comfort and sweat absorption. No more irritated or sweaty eyes slowing you down. The foam also helps to create a snug fit, keeping the goggles securely in place.

Safety is paramount, which is why the Havoc Infinity Goggle features an anti-fog and anti-scratch lens. Say goodbye to blurry vision and scratched lenses that obstruct your view. The tear off posts allow for quick and convenient lens changes, ensuring optimal visibility at all times. The goggles are also equipped with UV protection to shield your eyes from harmful rays.

The adjustable 3D embroidered anti-slip strap ensures a secure and comfortable fit, even during intense rides. No more worrying about your goggles coming loose or sliding down your face. And to top it all off, a goggle bag is included for convenient storage and transport.

At Havoc Racing Co, we are passionate about creating premium goggles that meet the demands of riders like you. With years of experience and cutting-edge technology, our goggles are designed to provide optimal performance and comfort. When you choose Havoc, you're choosing the best in the industry.

So, why settle for ordinary goggles when you can have the Havoc Racing Co Infinity Goggle? Take your riding experience to the next level and enjoy the freedom of customization. Ride in style, comfort, and with unparalleled vision. Choose Havoc and experience the difference.
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