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ITP Tires Terra Cross R/T UTV Tire (26x8-14)

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  • ITP Tires Terra Cross R/T UTV Tire (26x8-14) ITP Tires UTVS0013451 UTV Source
  • ITP Tires Terra Cross R/T UTV Tire 26x8-14 6EE482
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ITP Tires Terra Cross R/T UTV Tire (26x8-14) (6EE482)



From the desert to the dense forest trails, the versatile Terra Cross R/T was designed to overcome a wide variety of challenging conditions. The Terra Cross R/T is ideal for mud, snow, and sand.

  • Smooth riding radial XD (Extreme Duty) construction – an extra sidewall ply and increased sidewall and tread rubber thickness for improved puncture protection
  • Extra-tough rubber compound significantly increases tread life
Tread Design
  • Interlocking tread pattern and wide footprint result in exceptional traction and flotation
  • The wrap-around shoulder lugs offer excellent sidewall protection and traction when navigating rutted trails
  • 6-ply rated radial construction
  • Made in the USA


Size - 26x8.00R14
Ply - 6
Mounted Diameter (in) - 26.40
Mounted Width (in) - 8.00
Rated Load (lb) - 395.00
PSI - 22
Tread Depth () - 23/32
Front or Rear
Weight (lb) - 21
Additional Information - UTILITY ATV/UTV


  • Best Used For: All Terrain, Hard Pack, Intermediate Surfaces, Loose Surfaces, Rocks/Ruts, Snow, Soft Surfaces, Utility ATV
  • Tire only, wheel not included.
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