Kemimoto Built-in Battery 8L Portable Refrigerator

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  • Kemimoto Built-in Battery 8L Portable Refrigerator  UTVS0097583
  • Kemimoto Built-in Battery 8L Portable Refrigerator  UTVS0097583
  • Kemimoto Built-in Battery 8L Portable Refrigerator  UTVS0097583
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Kemimoto Kawasaki Teryx KRX 1000 Rear View Center Mirror |

The built-in 15,600 mAh battery allows you to cool it anywhere, it is convenient for outdoor leisure or watching sports. Continuous freezing time: about 5.5 hours with external temperature 30 degrees Celsius and portable refrigerator load (at -20 degrees Celsius) / about 22 hours (with 5 degrees Celsius) When the engine is turned off, it automatically switches the power from the car power source to the storage battery to keep it cool. If you turn the engine again, you can switch the power to the car power supply, and simultaneously charge the battery at the same time. Charge with solar panel during the day and battery power at night and enjoy camping!


  • DC power supply (12V/24V): It can be used in various models from cars to SUVs and large trucks!
  • AC power supply (110V-240V) applicable: use AC power supply, can be Use as a home mini fridge.
  • Built-in battery power supply: When the engine is turned off, the battery is automatically switched from the vehicle power supply to keep cooling.
  • Power supply with solar panels: Please note that the output of solar panels is unstable and cannot directly supply power to the refrigerator. Please install batteries when using solar panels for power.
  • Powered by portable power supply. Suitable for golf, camping, fishing, emergency use.

High efficiency & Low energy consumption

  • ECO energy-saving mode, rated power 45W, it consumes less than 1KWH a day.
  • Using German compressor technology to achieve rapid freezing; in MAX mode, the ambient temperature is 77?? and it can reach -0??in 68 minutes.
  • The car refrigerator adopts high-density polyurethane insulation material, which can suppress the influence of external temperature to the greatest extent.

Compact shape & Silent

Keminoto Mini Car refrigerator is a small refrigerator with a compact design, which can be easily placed in the footsteps of the back seat of the car or in the trunk and is easy to hold for women. The size of the portable refrigerator is about length 10.67*width 5.26*height 8.7 inches, 10 cans of 12fl oz Coke/6 bottles of 16.9fl oz mineral water; Kemimoto 12v fridge is 45db low noise level when it is running, it provides a silent and comfortable environment for.


  • 1 * Kemimoto portable refrigerator
  • 1 * AC adapter (6ft)
  • 1 * DC power cord (11ft )
  • 1* user guide
  • 24 months of warranty, and lifetime technical support.

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Kemimoto is a trusted and reputable provider of high-quality aftermarket parts and accessories for powersports vehicles. With a commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction, Kemimoto has become a go-to brand for powersports enthusiasts.

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