MotoAlliance Denali 50"Polyurethane Wearbar UTV Plow Blade

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MotoAlliance Denali 50"Polyurethane Wearbar UTV Plow Blade |

The MotoAlliance Denali 60" UTV Plow Blade with Polyurethane Wearbar is a high-quality accessory designed to tackle snow removal with ease. This plow blade is specifically engineered for UTVs, offering a durable and efficient solution for clearing snow and ice. With a width of 66", it provides optimal coverage for quick and effective snow removal in a single pass. The polyurethane wearbar ensures excellent wear resistance, reducing friction and preventing damage to surfaces such as driveways and sidewalks. Crafted with durability in mind, the MotoAlliance Denali UTV Plow Blade is built to withstand the rigors of winter conditions. Upgrade your UTV with the MotoAlliance Denali 66" UTV Plow Blade for reliable and efficient snow removal capabilities.


  • Reversible: Longer use life
  • High Flexibility: Will not bend or break with impact damage reduction on road surfaces and trucks, even at -35°
  • Extended Work-Life: Better wearing properties than UHMW. Outlasts rubber by up to 10 times and steel by up to 5 times. Lower maintenance costs, increased productivity and profits
  • Non-Damaging to Surfaces: Cutting edge will not damage Brick/Cobblestone, Stamped Concrete or Asphalt, Paver Stones, Parking Lots, Curbs, Speed Bumps, or Manhole Covers like steel bars
  • Less Equipment Wear: Due to the higher vibration absorption property of polyurethane
  • Benefits of Polyurethane Over Rubber Cutting Edges: Polyurethane memory bounces back to its original shape after impact. Rubber holds its flexed shape, severely reducing efficiency and work life


  • 50″ (W) x 4″ (H) x 1″ (D)


  • 50″ Polyurethane Wearbar
  • Mounting Hardware


A UTV Plow Blade is a versatile and essential accessory designed to enhance the functionality of your UTV. This durable blade is specifically designed for clearing snow, dirt, or debris from your path. With its sturdy construction and precise design, the UTV Plow Blade provides reliable performance in various off-road conditions. Whether you need to clear your driveway, trails, or worksite, a UTV Plow Blade is a valuable tool for efficient and effective snow removal or landscaping tasks. Upgrade your UTV with a reliable and versatile UTV Plow Blade to tackle challenging terrain and keep your path clear.

MotoAlliance (About)

MotoAlliance is a company with a mission to develop high-quality powersports accessories while providing exceptional support and service. Based in the north metro area of Minneapolis, MN, MotoAlliance distributes its products across the U.S. and Canada.

As the sole owner and manufacturer of their products, MotoAlliance has the freedom to design, test, and innovate new solutions for off-roaders worldwide. With a team of highly skilled engineers and industry experience, MotoAlliance sources the best materials to blend new-school innovation, old-school quality, and top-notch support for their customers.

Every MotoAlliance product is made with a deep sense of pride, and by bypassing traditional distribution sites, they are able to bring their products directly to customers, resulting in lower costs without compromising quality.

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