NavAtlas 8.1" Touchscreen Rearview Mirror w/ Bluetooth Audio Streaming and Off-Road Navigation

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  • The NA82M is the world's first SXS Smart Rear-view Mirror Command Center The NA82M features a IP66 rated 8.1" 1600 x 480px touchscreen, built-in off-road navigation, Bluetooth Audio Steaming from any smart device or media source.

  • Digitally enhanced Audio tuner delivers superior Sound quality when connected to any Audio System. Easy to Mount, the NA82M has the 3 point mounting holes in the rear of the mirror to directly mount it to a stock CanAm X3 cage rear-view mirror location. The NA82M also come with a universal cage mounting bracket giving it the freedom to mount to any vehicle regardless of model, make or year


  • IP66 Rated: Protects against dust and water 8.1" 1600x 480pxl Hi-Res TFT LCD Touch Screen
  • LCD Brightness (800nit)
  • Built-in Off-Road Navigation (United States Loaded)
  • Built-in Bluetooth (Supports A2DP Music Streaming Audio/Video Playback via USB
  • No FM Tuner
  • (Stream Stations from Smart Device via Bluetooth)
  • (1080p Video and Hi-def Audio Support)
  • 4V Preamp output (Front/Rear/Sub) Shock Proof 10G Vibration Tested
  • UV Resistant
  • Conformal Coated PCB
  • Universal Rocker Switch
  • (To power down the device when the Vehicle is stored for any lenght of time) Direct Mount to CanAm X3 stock Roll cage Rear-view Mirror location Universal Cage mount included (will Mount to any Vehicle)


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