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Previously known as the Obor Roc Monster, Obor presents the RocScraper version of this same tire. A testament to Obor's commitment to continual improvement, the RocScraper offers a unique blend of performance, durability, and cutting-edge technology. When it comes to off-road driving and rock crawling, choosing the right set of tires can make or break your experience. A reliable set of tires should provide not only traction and durability, but also longevity and puncture resistance. 

The Obor RocScraper is the ultimate partner for your off-road adventures. Designed specifically for challenging desert terrain and extreme rock crawling, these tires are tough as nails, ready to take everything nature throws at them. The unique tread design and specialized rubber compound extend the tire's life, ensuring they don’t wear out too quickly while offering serious grip on any terrain.

Key Features:

  • Specialized Rubber Compound: Obor has developed a specialized rubber compound that not only gives the RocScraper its extreme durability, but also helps extend its tread life. This innovative technology ensures that these tires won’t wear out too quickly, even under the most strenuous conditions.

  • 8-Ply-Rated Radial Construction: The RocScraper comes in two sizes, 32” and 35”, and features an 8-ply-rated radial construction. This robust design provides the strength and durability you need when tackling tough terrains.

  • Enlarged Tread Spacing: To enhance traction and slide performance in desert terrains, the RocScraper features enlarged tread spacing on the shoulder. This unique design element allows the tire to grip the surface more effectively, providing stability and control.

  • Stepped Shoulder Tread Block Design: The RocScraper adopts a stepped shoulder tread block design, ensuring a better biting edge on rocks. This design feature drastically improves grip and traction during rock climbing, providing superior control and safety.

  • Multi-Level Sidewall Design: The Obor RocScraper features a new multi-level sidewall design that significantly enhances puncture resistance. This design also improves the tire's pass-ability on difficult terrains while giving the RocScraper a new, aggressive appearance.

  • Low Void-Ratio Central Tread Design: With a low void-ratio in its central tread design, the RocScraper ensures increased tire continuity, which greatly improves handling and acceleration performance.

  • Advanced Pattern Design: The RocScraper’s tread pattern is designed with an inclined arc, increasing pattern rigidity and preventing stone inclusions. The bridge adopts a high and low slope design, which ensures both rigidity and comfort. Additionally, the sidewall pattern features an increased diamond pattern area, significantly enhancing climbing performance.


  • Size: 32x10x15 | 35x10x15
  • PLY: 8
  • TT/TL: TL
  • Overall Diameter (inch): 32.4 / 35.1
  • Overall Width (inch): 10.2 / 10.5
  • Tire Pressure (psi): 18
  • Rim size (inch): 7 (AT)
  • Max Load (lbs): 606 / 737
  • Tread Depth (inch) 19/32
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