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PCI Race Radios Fire Extinguisher Mount

  • PCI Race Radios Fire Extinguisher Mount  UTVS0094852
  • PCI Race Radios Fire Extinguisher Mount  UTVS0094852
  • PCI Race Radios Fire Extinguisher Mount  UTVS0094852
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PCI Race Radios
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The PCI Race Radios Fire Extinguisher Mount is the ultimate accessory for anyone in need of a secure and efficient mounting solution for their fire extinguisher. Available in two options, Billet Aluminum or Black Composite, this mount is designed to meet the needs of various environments and applications.

The Billet Aluminum mount is specifically engineered to withstand harsh weather conditions, high load, and stress. This makes it the ideal choice for off-road and marine environments where durability is paramount. With no length limits for cylinder mounting, you can easily install a range of fire extinguisher sizes with ease and confidence.

On the other hand, the Black Composite mount is lighter in weight yet still retains high corrosion resistance. This makes it a perfect choice for lighter duty applications, such as mounting fire extinguishers to chase trucks, boats, and passenger cars. Its versatility ensures that you can secure your fire extinguisher in various vehicles without compromising on safety.

The PCI Race Radios Fire Extinguisher Mount includes two 3" hose clamps specifically designed for a 2.5lb fire extinguisher. Additionally, two 2" hose clamps are included for easy mounting onto a roll bar. These clamps provide a secure and firm grip, ensuring that your fire extinguisher stays in place even during rough off-road or marine adventures.

Please note that the fire extinguisher itself is sold separately. It is recommended to purchase a fire extinguisher that meets your specific needs and requirements.

Finally, it is important to be aware that this product comes with a warning for potential cancer and reproductive harm. To ensure your safety, it is advised to handle this product with caution and refer to for more information.

In conclusion, the PCI Race Radios Fire Extinguisher Mount is a reliable and versatile mounting solution that ensures the safety and security of your fire extinguisher in any environment. With its choice of Billet Aluminum or Black Composite materials, this mount caters to a wide range of applications and provides peace of mind for off-road enthusiasts, marine adventurers, and everyday vehicle owners alike.

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