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Pro Armor Harness Retainer Strap

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* Designed for use with harnesses with a 3" or smaller shoulder strap
* Attaches to the B-pillar bar/horizontal tubing behind the driver and passenger seats
* Can also be used on the C-pillar bar for the rear seats
* Made from high-quality materials for durability
* Easy to install and remove


1. UNIVERSAL FIT: These Pro Armor Harness Retainer Straps are designed to fit most harnesses with a 3" or smaller shoulder strap. Whether you have aftermarket seats or stock seats, these straps allow you to use your harnesses without any hassle.

2. STRONG ATTACHMENT: The straps securely attach to the B-pillar bar or horizontal tubing behind the driver and passenger seats. They can also be attached to the C-pillar bar for the rear seats, ensuring a reliable connection to keep you and your passengers safe while off-roading or racing.

3. DURABLE MATERIAL: Made from high-quality materials, these harness straps are built to last. They are constructed to withstand rugged outdoor conditions, ensuring that they won't break or wear out easily. You can rely on the Pro Armor Harness Retainer Straps for years of durable performance.

4. EASY INSTALLATION: Installing these harness straps is a breeze. Simply wrap the straps around the designated bar or tubing and secure them in place. The adjustable design allows for a custom fit, ensuring that the straps stay firmly in place during your ride. When you're done, removing the straps is just as easy.

5. ENHANCED SAFETY: By using Pro Armor Harness Retainer Straps, you can enhance the safety of your off-road adventures. These straps keep your harnesses securely in place, preventing any unwanted movement or slippage. With a secure fit, you can focus on navigating rough terrains or racing on the track without worrying about your harness coming undone.

In conclusion, the Pro Armor Harness Retainer Straps are the perfect addition to your off-road or racing equipment. With their universal fit, strong attachment, durable material, easy installation, and enhanced safety features, these straps provide a reliable solution for using harnesses with stock or aftermarket seats. Upgrade your harness setup today with the Pro Armor Harness Retainer Straps.
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