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Pro Eagle Jack Mount (2 Ton Beast)

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  • Pro Eagle Jack Mount (2 Ton Beast) Pro Eagle UTVS0013240 UTV Source
  • Pro Eagle Jack Mount 2 Ton Beast ORJ24XM-2.0
  • Pro Eagle Jack Mount 2 Ton Beast ORJ24XM-2.0
  • Pro Eagle Jack Mount 2 Ton Beast ORJ24XM-2.0
  • Pro Eagle Jack Mount 2 Ton Beast ORJ24XM-2.0
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The Pro Eagle Jack Mount (2 Ton Beast) is the perfect accessory for any off-roading enthusiast or vehicle owner in need of a reliable and secure jack mount solution. This version 2.0 mount has been updated with even better features to ensure the ultimate convenience and peace of mind.

Constructed with durable stainless steel, this mount is built to withstand the toughest conditions and provide long-lasting durability. It can easily be bolted to your vehicle using the four pre-drilled holes, guaranteeing a secure and stable attachment.

One of the standout features of the Pro Eagle Jack Mount is its ability to securely hold the Pro Eagle 2 Ton Big Wheel Jack, also known as the "Beast". This jack, known for its rugged strength and reliability, fits perfectly into the mount, ensuring that it stays firmly in place during transportation and storage.

In addition to holding the jack, this mount also includes a designated spot to hold the jack handles. This means that everything you need is contained in one convenient location, saving you time and effort searching for separate parts.

For added security, the Pro Eagle Jack Mount comes with a safety pin that securely fastens the jack to the mount. This eliminates any risk of accidental detachment during transit or when driving over rough terrains. Moreover, with the ability to lock the jack to the mount using a padlock (not included), you can have peace of mind knowing that your valuable equipment is protected from theft.

To ensure a snug and secure fit, the mount also includes two anti-rattle straps that can be adjusted to fit the size of your jack. This added feature minimizes any unwanted movement or noise, providing a smooth and stable ride.

With its robust construction, secure attachment, and convenient features, the Pro Eagle Jack Mount (2 Ton Beast) is the ultimate solution for safely and efficiently transporting and storing your jack. Invest in this high-quality mount today and experience the ease and peace of mind it brings to your off-roading adventures or everyday vehicle maintenance needs.
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