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Pro Eagle Lift Pad (2")

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  • Pro Eagle Lift Pad 2 UTVS0052641
  • Pro Eagle Lift Pad 2 UTVS0052641
  • Pro Eagle Lift Pad 2 UTVS0052641
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The Pro Eagle Lift Pad (2") is the perfect solution for those who have a Pro Eagle Jack and need to replace the pad. Designed specifically for Pro Eagle Jacks, this lift pad ensures a secure and snug fit, guaranteeing safety and reliability during your lifting tasks.

We understand that accidents happen and pads can get damaged over time. That's why we've developed this high-quality replacement lift pad to ensure that you can continue using your Pro Eagle Jack without any issues. Don't let a damaged pad get in the way of your work, simply replace it with our Pro Eagle Lift Pad (2") and get back to lifting.

While it's possible to retrofit other brand jacks with a Pro Eagle 8" or 15" extension, this lift pad is specifically designed for Pro Eagle Jacks and may not fit all other brands. Other brands often source their jacks from multiple manufacturers, resulting in inconsistencies even within the same part number. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that this lift pad will fit on your particular brand of jack. For this reason, we do not offer refunds on this product.

The Pro Eagle Lift Pad (2") is compatible with the 2-ton off-road jack, the 2-ton big wheel off-road jack, and the 3-ton big wheel off-road jack. Whether you're working on your truck, SUV, or any other off-road vehicle, this lift pad will provide the support and stability you need to get the job done safely.

With an inside hole diameter of 1", this lift pad is designed to securely mate with the Pro Eagle extension, ensuring a strong and sturdy connection. You can trust that your vehicle will be lifted with precision and stability, allowing you to carry out your maintenance or repair tasks with confidence.

Don't compromise on safety or quality. Choose the Pro Eagle Lift Pad (2") for your Pro Eagle Jack and ensure that your lifting needs are met with the highest standards of performance and reliability. Upgrade your lifting equipment today and experience the Pro Eagle difference.
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2 Year Warranty
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