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PRP Kawasaki KRX Roll Up Tool Bag with 35pc Tool Kit

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  • PRP Kawasaki KRX Roll Up Tool Bag with 35pc Tool Kit  UTVS0094508
  • PRP Kawasaki KRX Roll Up Tool Bag with 35pc Tool Kit  UTVS0094508
  • PRP Kawasaki KRX Roll Up Tool Bag with 35pc Tool Kit  UTVS0094508
  • PRP Kawasaki KRX Roll Up Tool Bag with 35pc Tool Kit  UTVS0094508
  • PRP Kawasaki KRX Roll Up Tool Bag with 35pc Tool Kit  UTVS0094508
  • PRP Kawasaki KRX Roll Up Tool Bag with 35pc Tool Kit  UTVS0094508
  • PRP Kawasaki KRX Roll Up Tool Bag with 35pc Tool Kit  UTVS0094508
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PRP Kawasaki KRX Roll Up Tool Bag with 35pc Tool Kit |

PRP’s Kawasaki KRX Roll-Up Tool Kit provides everything you need to fix your Kawasaki Teryx KRX or KRX4 out on the trail. This 35 piece kit includes a selection of high-quality ratchets, sockets, wrenches, extension bars, pliers, and a ball peen hammer (for when things get really fun). We’ve hand picked the exact tools that are needed most when working on a KRX – So you have only the essentials that you really need, without adding the extra weight of an entire tool box. Below we have listed all the tools included, along with a handy guide to the most common uses for each tool. Each tool also includes a Limited Lifetime Warranty.
The Roll-Up Bag makes it easy to keep everything neat and organized. It features dedicated sleeves for all the tools included in the kit, as well as a zippered pocket to hold the sockets and any other tools you want to bring with you. The bag is made from extremely durable twill material. It features heavy duty buckles, and an easy to carry grab handle. It can be mounted, or stored securely inside the vehicle. The roll-up style bag makes it quick and easy to grab out of the vehicle when you need it, and the tools inside don’t make noise when bouncing around the trails.


  • All-in-One Off-Road Toolkit: PRP’s Kawasaki KRX Roll Up Tool Bag with 35pc Tool Kit is your ultimate off-road companion, featuring the complete set of tools needed to fix a KRX UTV
  • Precision for Every Task: Save extra weight and space by only having the exact tools you actually need to work on your KRX, thanks to specialized sockets and wrenches designed for reliability.
  • This comprehensive kit has been created so you have every tool you need to work on your KRX out on the trail.
  • Compact and Convenient: Pack everything you need in one roll-up tool bag for easy storage and quick access on your off-road adventures.
  • The Tool Bag is relatively Lightweight and easy to carry with grab handle


ALLEN Sockets

  • 4mmx3/8 – Skid plate, rock guards
  • 5mmx3/8 – Parking brake, fenders
  • 6mmx3/8 – Transmission drain
  • 8mmx3/8 – Front diff drain, brake caliper
  • TORX BITS- Sockets
  • T40x3/8 – Brake lines


  • 8mmx3/8 – Front diff, sensors
  • 10mmx3/8 – CVT cover, trailing-arm guards, exhaust, electrical grounds, taillights, door latch, front brake lines, radiator
  • 10mm End Wrench
  • 12mmx3/8 – Front diff, parking brake, exhaust, fender braces, brake lines, seat mount, tilt wheel, CVT
  • 12mm End Wrench
  • 13mmx3/8 – Tilt wheel
  • 14mmx3/8 – Brake caliper, motor mount, spark plug, bead locks, front sway bar
  • 14mm End Wrench
  • 15mmx3/8 – Rear bumper
  • 15mm End Wrench
  • 17mmx3/8 – Deep Socket Lug nuts, radius rods, shocks, sway bar, frame, A-arms, tie-rods, trailing arms, oil drain
  • 17mm End Wrench
  • 19mmx1/2 – Deep socket Ball joints, aftermarket lug nuts
  • 23mmx1/2 – Tie-rods
  • 24mmx1/2 deep socket – drive clutch
  • 27mmx1/2 – Front axle nut, diff/trans fill
  • 36mmx1/2 – Front/Rear axle nut


  • Phillips Screwdriver: Brake lines, door panels, shock guards, firewall
  • Flat Screwdriver – Hose clamps
  • Needle nose Pliers – Cotter pins, remove belt parts
  • Channel Lock
  • Diagonal cutter – Remove Belt Parts and open Amazon boxes
  • Ballpeen Hammer – Fixes everything
  • Adjustable wrench
  • Extendable magnet – nuts for primary CVT cage, grab any nuts that you drop
  • 3/8 drive ratchet
  • 3/8 x 3″ short extension
  • 3/8 x 6″ long extension – needed for clutch
  • 1/2 drive ratchet – axle and clutch bolts
  • 10mm x 60mm bolt – to spread rear pulleys


A UTV Roll-Up Tool Bag with Tool Kits is a practical and convenient accessory designed to keep your tools organized and easily accessible in your Utility Terrain Vehicle (UTV). Specifically engineered for UTV models, this tool bag is made from durable materials and features multiple compartments to store and secure your tools. The roll-up design allows for compact storage and easy transportation. Included tool kits typically consist of essential tools for common repairs and maintenance tasks. Upgrade your UTV with a Roll-Up Tool Bag and Tool Kits for improved convenience and preparedness. Enjoy the added functionality and peace of mind that come with this top-quality accessory.

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