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Ranch Armor

Ranch Armor Can-Am Defender Overhead Audio / Speaker System

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Deck the Trails! Save 12% w/code JINGLE12 *Christmas Delivery Not Guaranteed

Ranch Armor Can-Am Defender Overhead Audio / Speaker System

A fully contained ready-to-go Can-Am Defender overhead audio/speaker system that bumps. Clean and modern design will go nicely with either interior of your: Can-Am Defender Limited, or ANY open cab model Can-Am Defender. Here at Ranch Armor we did all the leg work to ensure you had a well-though-out system that could withstand the abuse and environments your UTV goes through. The overhead speaker enclosure itself is laser cut and formed 1/8" aluminum, this means lightweight and no rust, ever! Of course, we had to make sure it was topped off with our durable powder coat finish.

On the audio side, we were sure to use one of the best in the business, Wet Sounds. When partnering with Wetsounds on this, it was a no-brainer with their reputation in the marine audio/outdoor sound space. So yes, the system is marine grade... go ahead, get it wet or dirty. In between the speakers you have your Wetsounds headunit/controller and to the right will be your switch panel or cluster of switches. We have given you the option to use our switch panel (that comes with our Ranch Armor top light packages) OR use (if you choose) 3 spaces for standard rocker switches of your choosing. It doesn't matter which way you go, all the overhead audio systems arrive ready to for your application.

If you purchase a Ranch Armor top, this is an addition that can be added in place of a package 4 upgrade on the roof options side. If you already own a Ranch Armor top, no worries at all you can add this to it without any issues. If you don't own a Ranch Armor top, it will STILL arrive ready for you. In place of the switch panel (8 gang touch panel) you will have 3 open switch slots for standard rocker switches. So, let's say you have a plastic top with a couple of light bars you are installing, simply install your lights and run your wires to the overhead Ranch Armor speaker system, and utilize the 3 laser cut-out slots already built-in for your switches. We included a harness standard that will go down your roll bar and will utilize your Pulse Bar system. Of course, we hope you buy OR have a Ranch Armor top, but it is NOT required.


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