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Shock Therapy Can-Am Defender Spring Kit

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Shock Therapy
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Can-Am Defender spring kits are here! Rigorously tested and perfected over the past few months, Shock Therapy spring kit for the Can-Am Defender is incredible! The springs in this kit are made in the USA from the highest grade CrSi material (which is more expensive than the other springs but are exactly the intended spring rate every time and they don’t fade). This spring system will give you a smoother more plush ride than stock and better bottom out resistance in the biggest hits. It uses a threaded preload adapter and preload collar for maximum adjustability. Since our springs are adjustable, you can tune into your ride height and ride quality to meet your needs.


  • Smoother and plush in small bumps
  • Less bottoming out in the big hits
  • Can be adjusted for less nose diving
  • Can be adjusted for less front end dive under corner braking
  • Can be adjusted for less body roll
  • Maximum preload adjustability for ride quality and different weight loads.


  • The video shows a Polaris Ranger. However, the install process is the same for Defender models. Shock Therapy currently only verified fitment for HD7 and HD 10 models and are working on verifying fitment for HD9 models. Please measure the size of your front and rear shock bodies BEFORE ordering, Use the video attached for reference.
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