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Shock Therapy Polaris General XP 1000 Dual Rate Spring Kit

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Shock Therapy
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The Shock Therapy Polaris General XP 1000 Dual Rate Spring Kit is the ultimate solution for anyone looking to enhance their off-road experience. With this kit, you can say goodbye to the discomfort and frustration caused by collapsed upper springs and enjoy a smoother and more comfortable ride.

Designed by Shock Therapy, a trusted name in the industry, this dual rate spring kit is the perfect addition to your Polaris General XP 1000. It brings a range of benefits that will transform your riding experience. Firstly, it reduces washboard chatters, eliminating those annoying vibrations that can ruin your ride. Secondly, it minimizes bucking through whoops, ensuring a more stable and controlled ride over rough terrain.

One of the standout features of this kit is the increased bottom out resistance. Thanks to the carefully tailored spring design, you can confidently navigate those larger jumps and drops without worrying about bottoming out. Additionally, the kit increases the ride height, allowing you to tackle obstacles with ease and giving you that extra ground clearance you need for a truly adventurous ride.

The Shock Therapy Dual Rate Spring Kit is fully customizable to suit your specific needs and preferences. It takes into account factors such as the terrain you ride on (desert, dunes, mountain trails, or mud), the weight of both the driver and passenger, and your driving style (whether aggressive, laid back, or geared towards racing). This ensures that you get the perfect setup for your machine, optimizing performance and comfort.

In addition to its impressive performance benefits, the Shock Therapy Polaris General XP 1000 Dual Rate Spring Kit also offers unmatched reliability. The springs are manufactured in the USA, guaranteeing superior quality and durability. To provide further peace of mind, Shock Therapy backs their product with a lifetime warranty, so you can ride with confidence, knowing that your springs are protected.

Overall, the Shock Therapy Polaris General XP 1000 Dual Rate Spring Kit is a must-have upgrade for anyone seeking to enhance their off-road adventures. With its custom tailoring, increased ride height, improved bottom out resistance, and smoother ride quality, this kit will transform your machine into a high-performance beast, capable of tackling any terrain with ease. Upgrade your ride and experience the joy of off-roading like never before with Shock Therapy.
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