SuperATV CFMoto UForce 600 Half Windshield

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SuperATV CFMoto UForce 600 Half Windshield

The Perfect Amount of Airflow

If you love an open-cab feeling but hate being overwhelmed by the wind, install SuperATV's CFMTO UForce 600 Half Windshield. It diverts air so your cab will stay relaxed and comfortable without taking away from your view. And it keeps the elements and flying bugs from hitting you in the face. With this half windshield installed, you can stay comfortable while you ride how you want.

Taking Comfort to Another Level

It's really hard to enjoy the ride when you're picking bugs out of your teeth and using your fingers as windshield wipers to clean your glasses. That's why we designed this CFMOTO UForce half windshield to divert air up and over your head, making you more comfortable behind the wheel. Plus, you get the protection you need without feeling closed in. It's a win-win situation.

Made Tough with Polycarbonate

This half windshield is made with 1/4" polycarbonate to handle anything on the trail—rocks, mud, branches, and more. Not to mention, it gives your UForce 600 a sleek look that will turn heads on the trail.


  • Forward-facing lip forces air up and over riders without impeding their view
  • Polycarbonate construction is 25x stronger than acrylic and 250x stronger than glass
  • Contours to hood with a full-length rubber seal, ensuring a perfect fit
  • Installs in minutes—no tools needed!
  • Windshield height: 14”


  • CFMoto UForce 600 : 2021+

NOTE: Can be used with most soft or hard tops

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